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fainting for years, doctors won't diagnose

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  • Posted By: prosaicproduce
  • July 17, 2007
  • 01:49 PM

I recently had a blood work up done and it came back normal (again) so the clinic called me and simply said that "everything is fine." I really don't think it is. I first fainted seriously about three years ago, I landed on my teeth and got rug burn all over my face. The doctor couldn't figure it out so a nurse told me that it happens to everyone. Right before I passed out I got really pale, extremely hungry/nauseous, confused (I couldn't remember where I was or what was going on), and just couldn't think in general. It seems consistent with hypoglycemia, but the doctors at my HMO clinic refuse to think so without a confirming blood test.

I'm still having problems. Just about everyday I get very dizzy, which is helped by food. The other day at my work, I felt so confused that I didn't think I could drive home. Exteme hunger/nausea, inability to think, confusion, stupor, shakiness, anxiety, blurred vision, and generally acting drunk. I did anyway, which was not a good idea. I was literally nodding off at the wheel (something I never ever do at all). When I got home I ate and was better in minutes.

What's new over the past few weeks is that I'm extremely lethargic even though I've been sleeping at the very least 9 or 10 hours a day, my hair is falling out, horrible migraines and I've gained 15 pounds out of the blue.

No one will acknowledge that this is real, every time after they get the lab results back I get the same "it happens to everybody" which I don't think is true. I feel like something is very wrong and no one will help me. Next time I pass out I worry that I may not be so lucky and will lose my teeth or worse. Am I really alone on this?

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  • i've just started to faint again. my vision is getting blurry, horrible migraine, very dizzy, and everything feels generally tipsy and strange. i'm absolutely desparate for help.
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  • Try here: http://www.emedicine.com/ent/topic727.htm
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  • Have you been to a chiropractor?
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  • Diabetes, Diabetes, Diabetes!
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  • Do you get even more lethargic after exertion of any kind be it physical exertion or mental exertion or stress??? ........ "Next time I pass out I worry that I may not be so lucky and will lose my teeth or worse. Am I really alone on this?" I have that fear going on too. I passed out with glandular fever several times when i was young.. and in the process of the collapse, my face got slammed into the corner of a cupboard jutting out, hurting it. 2 mths ago, I went unconscious for 3-5 mins while just standing and chatting to a friend, no real warning at all other than feeling nauseus for a few seconds before I passed out. (in past Ive always felt dizzy first..so was able to lay down preventing it). So yes there are others here with that fear. (I worry a lot if i get dizzy that I will fall and hit my teeth). (my passing out is part of having CFS). ......................... Doctors thou other than knowing its all part of my CFS, still dont know what exactly causes my unconscious. My CFS specialist thinks it could be a heart issue, thou all my heart tests (I had a lot of them) were all clear, he thou said that if the problem didnt occur while I was being tested, it may not show up). Interestingly in the past, I had hypoglycemia show up on a couple of blood tests (which a doctor ignored at the time, thou my reading was 2.4mmol (a normal level is 3 - 6.9.. 2 can cause unconsciousness from what Ive read). The hypoglycemia isnt currently showing up thou. Ive noticed thou I have HUGE flucuations in my BP..so expect I have POTS.. so maybe BP regulation issues caused my unconsciousness?) "What's new over the past few weeks is that I'm extremely lethargic even though I've been sleeping at the very least 9 or 10 hours a day, my hair is falling out, horrible migraines and I've gained 15 pounds out of the blue." If all this continues and doctors cant find a cause (all other things have to be checked into first), you may want to look into CFS as lethargy, headaches, hair loss, hypersomina (over sleeping which you are now doing, this is a sleep issue occuring now too), dizziness, weight gain etc.. can all be signs of CFS.
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  • i had the same exact problem...was diagnosed with vasogagal syncope..aka neuro cardiogenic syncope...go see a cardiologist and get a tilt table test
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  • I also FINALLY was diagnosed as having bradycardia.....after wearing a holter monitor UNTIL i fainted.....it showed my heart was slowing down and actually stopping for 11 seconds.......thus the confusion, light headedness and fainting......hey give it a try.....my son is now wearing an internal loop monitor to see if he has the same problem.good luck
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 5, 2007
    • 03:00 PM
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  • I had the same problem. My blood pressure was dropping. I had a tilt table test. My BP dropped severely. I was fainting at times for unknown reasons.The doctors were at a loss. They didn't know what to do for me.I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue SyndromeSomeone here recommeded NAET and I went.I've gone for 7 sessions of Bioset/NAET therapy and my symptoms are gone...even the fainting.I have no more symptoms. The list was vast.check it out...it makes sense and it works....mommy cat
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 6, 2007
    • 00:40 AM
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