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Fainting/drop spells

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  • Posted By: princessofheartbreak
  • April 4, 2009
  • 00:38 AM

Okay..I TRIED to edit my post on another thread..But it wont let me add details I forgot..So I hope it lets me post this cause I'm desperate.

Okay well I'm a 15 years old female and I live in florida. For the past two years or so I've been having random episodes of fainting but recently it has been getting worse. I also have unbearable migraines and occasionally my arms twitch uncontrollably.

For the fainting it happens randomly. Sometimes it happens when I stretch my arms and back and sometimes it just happens randomly like when I'm sitting down or even when I'm standing or laying.

When I begin to faint, everything slowly fades to black, my hearing fades and I fall. I am fully aware that I am fainting, my neurologist says that That means I am conscience during my episodes. Sometimes my vision doesn't even fade during the fall and I am able to see as I fall. Sometimes I have the ability to catch myself right before I hit the ground.

The fainting only lasts for a few seconds then I can get back up..But while I am waking up my whole body tingles and my head feels warm and fuzzy,I also feel disoriented and confused and sometimes dizzy. Sometimes the tingling feeling feels like it hurts as well like that numb pins and needles type tingle.

The migraines and the twitching also occur randomly and do not seem to happen during the fainting episodes. I also occasionally have chest discomfort that feel like someone is lightly stabbing me, I'm not sure if it counts as pain because it is not very strongly discomforting,t he stabbing feeling can most often last all day. And sometimes I have the feeling my heart is beating too fast and that I am not able to breathe

Well recently due to a pediatric neurologists advice, me and my mother stopped going to the chiropractor and I was admitted into the hospital for 2 and a half days earlier this week.
While at the hospital they did a EEG, EKG, a "echo" on my heart, a xray on my heart and they took blood to do thyroid tests. Also during the hospital stay I had no episodes and They recorded no seizure or heart problem activity. Though the only thing they did notice is that my blood pressure does change drastically between sitting, standing and laying down.

Due to the fact nothing happened while at the hospital a rude neurologist has put me on magnesium oxide and prenatal vitamins because she believes that I have some sort of vitamin deficiency that is causing my fainting, though I was not tested or anything to confirm this theory. She also has another theory that I am dehydrated and instead of my body telling me I'm thirsty; I pass out. She also seems to think I may be stressed and that is the reason for my fainting.

I personally believe none of these are true because one, If I had a vitamin deficiency wouldn't I pass out no matter where I am?; and two, I drink a lot of fluid every day, I cannot possibly be dehydrated. Stress seems to be a possible theory although the fainting happens even when I am not stressed or upset.

I also have my own theory on this matter. My father was in pest control and had his own business back when my family and I lived in ohio. We still have chemicals throughout our house from the old business and my family still uses them to kill bugs very often.
My theory is that I could have some sort of allergy or chemical poisoning due to the bug poison my father has/uses? The main poison we use is called "Dragnet". I use it as well and it seems to kill bugs very easily and I know it effects them neurologically, I do not know what is in this poison exactly. I think this theory makes more sense considering it is all around me when I am at home or around my family because they use it and have it on them and because it also would explain why I did not have any episodes while at the hospital. It also seems that I pass out far more often and deeply when I am at home rather than anywhere else. I am not sure but I think I have seen my dad slightly pass out randomly before as well.

Does anyone have any idea what might actually be wrong with me though? Could the poison be the cause? it seems like the most relevant theory, does anyone know the long term effects of dragnet?

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  • This is called a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on Dragnet. The government in the US makes manufacturers provide this information in order to protect people. Show this to your doctor & ask to be checked out for chemical exposure. http://msds.fmc.com/msds/100000011207-msds_us-e.pdf
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  • Though the only thing they did notice is that my blood pressure does change drastically between sitting, standing and laying down. ummm possibly some kind of autonomic nervous system (ANS) dysfunction going on. With a dysregulation there... the heart rate would probably be disregulated too. chemicals may damage our nervous systems. I myself have found ANS or SNS dysfunctions very hard to get diagnosed, in my own case it took 10 ys of that part of my health issues to be. I would of suggested Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) if you didnt say you fainted while laying down but that part wouldnt fit (thou all the other stuff does with the fainting, chest pain, migraines and twitching). So i dont know exactly what your ANS/SNS dysfunction is.
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