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Facial Rash has been plaguing me for years!

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  • Posted By: JohnDoe123
  • July 18, 2008
  • 01:54 PM

I started getting these bumps in my beard when I was about 17-18. They were red but didn't itch or anything but I knew they were there. When they would appear, they would just be red and swollen, then they would being leaking a clear amber colored liquid, crust up and be gone in about 2 days. They went away entirely until I was about 21 and they have come back in full force.

I get a new one about every 2 days and they only appear in my beard area (cheeks, jaw bone, neck) and every once in a while on my forehead and eyebrow area. My skin is naturally oily but never had problems with acne when I was younger. I have been treated for viral, bacterial and fungal infections but the only thing that helps is rubbing Cordran lotion when they first appear.

I did see a dermatologist who took a biopsy and declared it seborrheic dermatitis but the treatments lined out haven't helped at all so I am seeking you guy's help. I am including a picture of a typical sore.

I really need to get this taken care of because I work in a professional place and I feel other people are constantly looking at me.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Hello John!! I have had the same problem since 1994.I have the amber colored "ooze" that you show in your photo. Look into Morgellon's Disease. So many people have it and don't even know about it. It is just now becoming public. Actually, a woman from the Morgellon's forum where I spend a lot of time and do a lot of research was just on Dr Phil on MOnday. Take care and best of luck mommy cat
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  • a quick google search of Morgellon's Disease and a wikipedia article later, it sounds kind of bizarre. I can't say that I have ever found "fibers" in the sores but I can say that I have felt a tingling or stinging sensation in relation to a sore coming up. Only time shall see, thats for the quick post!John
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  • John, all of my fibers were only seen under my microscope. Most times they are not visible to the naked eye. Bizzarre?????? you have NO idea. http://lymebusters.proboards39.com/index.cgi?board=rash&action=display&thread=10187 here is a link to a site.... click on the morgellons tab at the top. we are a whole community of Morgellon's sufferes and we are not alone... and neither are you. The lesions don't heal as quickly as other cuts/scrapes. They ooze an amber colored fluid that turns hard/crusty and forms a false scab over it. we know, we've been there, done that. Dr Staninger is leading the research. welcome to the morg's my friend. mommy cat
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  • mommy cat, where do you normally get your lesions? I have only ever had these on my face and never anywhere else. Google images brings back pictures of people with lesions on their arms and legs. Did they start in one place and start to drift or have you always had them in the same place?
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  • John, I have had Morgellon's since 1994. I have ONLY had lesions on my face. No where else on my body...EVER!! When I began researching Morgellon's IO thought the same thing. I figured I didn't have it because I didn't look nearly as bad as some of the photos I had seen. Do yourself a favor, go to a loca Radio Shack and by a magnifier/microscope item.. It costs about $10.00 and magnifies up to 100X. When your lesions ooze and scab over, they sometimes lift at the edges as they are healing. If you can get a piece of the scab and look under the magnifier, that is where you will see the fibers. If you find anything else strange in your skin, check it out under the scope as well. I had what I thought was a blackhead near my lower lip. I squeezed the stuff out and looked at it under the scope. I saw a white, formed glob with a red fiber growing out of it.I have also seen black, blue, clear and copper fibers. My friends and family have witnessed what I have been through with this. I hope this helps John. You are not alone. stay well and stay informed mommy cat
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