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Facial rash accompanied with other symptoms

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  • Posted By: sroy1980
  • April 5, 2007
  • 07:36 AM

My wife is 26 and experiencing facial itching accompanied with rashes and redness. She additionally complains about spinning of head, and a hot sensation on her forehead upto her nose. But when she touches her forehead or nose, it's cold!

She had chickenpox already, so I presume that the chances of that can be safely overruled. However, she is a vet and often involved in field-work with animals. Could it be that she caught onto some dermatological disease from the animals?

Furthermore, recently, for various reasons she has been going through a lot of mental stress. Her BP went quite high recently for which the doctor advised her to take some beta-blocker heart pills for 10 days. I hear that excessive anxiety may also manifest such symptoms.

As to her medical history, she is never diagnosed with any major illnesses, except some occasional problems with her kidneys and mineral (magnesium) deficiency.

Can anyone tell me what the above symptoms could really signify? We both are quite worried regarding these.

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  • It could have been the beta blockers causing the symptoms. A frequent complaint is rash and flushed feelings. Usually it is on the legs, but which one of us is "usual"? Also beta blockers stay in your system for a long time so it may take a while for it to go away, but it should start to get better in a week or 2. If she sees any signs of infection she should seek medical advice ASAP. She can also talk to a pharmacist about the side effects of beta blockers and whether he would recommend a steroid cream (like hydrocortisone) or an antihystamine (like benadryl).
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  • Thanks a lot for your reply. Hmm...these beta blockers come with a lot of side-effects. However, she is over with the 10 days-course since 7-10 days now...is it feasible for such symptoms to occur now all of a sudden? But then again, you said they stay in the system for long. Thanks anyway!
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  • Usually beta blockers will trigger a reaction immediately (an allergy) or else side effects will present themselves after the body has adequately adjusted to using them (usually a month or so). What the other poster mentions is possible, but I highly doubt the beta blockers are triggering the problems- if your wife was allergic chances are she would have had the allergies WHILE taking them.Stress can cause rashes. She could have gotten some kind of adverse reaction to an animal she came into contact to. She could have contracted lyme disease- is the rash a bullseye? Has she come into contact with any animal stool, especially rodents (Hantavirus pulmonairy syndrome for example)?Also, herpes (of which Chicken Pox is actually related to) can re-emerge during times of stress. The body is never able to eliminate the chicken pox (or Epstein-Barr, which is also herpes) instead it lies dormant in the base of the skull region. Stress can re-activate the virus and trigger an outbreak. Usually the relapse is far less severe than the initial infection because the body can quickly realise whats going on.
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  • Could she have been bitten by a tick??? Lyme disease?? Or the coinfections, as a vet she will know what they are. Lyme causes mineral loss, esp magnasium. Hope she feels better.
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  • Does she have joint pain also? Annlynn
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  • facial rash, facial flushing, dizziness.... go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com go to symptoms page on L of home page...click it end of first paragraph has a link for summary of symptoms...see how many others she has...PLEASE LOOK ALL OF HER SX ARE THERE...mommy cat
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  • Pityriasis is found in cats I believe. I suspected my pityriasis came from a stray cat but haven't found much on the internet about transmittal between animals and humans.
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