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Eye Swelling - been to 3 doctors

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 29, 2007
  • 03:00 PM

I am currently seeing my 3rd doctor for swelling of my eyelids, upernose and under my eyes. My current doctor is an allergy specialist but he can't find anything wrong. They have checked my thyroid, chest and done plenty of blood and urine test and I am healthy. My condition just gets worst over time. The latest theory is dust mite allergies but I have no congestion or other respitory symptoms. I just spend 400 dollars on bed casings but my eyes continue to get worst. This has stumped all the doctors to date and dont know what to do next. Any help?

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  • Do you use a fan whenyou sleep?
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  • yes, every night ! I have been doing that for years.
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  • I have the same problem. I read some where once (not told by a professional doctor though) that most eye swelling can be from intestinal parasites. Just a thought.
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  • Stop using the fan if you can. You are stirring up the allergens in your home. Or at least position it so it doesn't blow on your face.
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  • Thank you. I will take that advice.
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  • I still need suggestions. The swelling has moved down into my tear ducts but has not impacted function to this point. My Doctor who is an allegist/immunologist has asked me how far I want to take this. I feel like I'm waiting for the real cause to show itself. If this is my body's immune system reacting to something then cant the immune system be fooled somehow?
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  • Does Benadryl help?
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  • Is there itching? Are you rubbing the area? When my eye allergies are acting up, the tendency is to rub the entire eyelid, but when I try to pinpoint the itching, it is actually just the tear ducts that are causing all the itching. If you are rubbing your eyes due to itching, you might be causing diffuse (spread out) inflammation/irritation to the delicate eye tissue. So that's why I ask if you are rubbing your eyes. Sometimes my eye allergy is the only symptom I'm having, and other times I have it along with other allergic rhinitis symptoms. Have eye drops been prescribed? Have you tried them? Are they for inflammation or allergy? If the MD prescribed medications, it is important that you understand what they are for, what they are supposed to do, and for you to note whether they provide relief, even if the relief is temporary. It is very important that you pass this information on to your doctor so he can continue to work on figuring out the problem. Try not to get discouraged if you don't get instant answers. If you don't go back to the MD, he will assume the problem went away.
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  • Yes, I have tried. My doctor has since put me on zyrtec which has had effect.
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  • sorry the zyrtec has had no effect
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  • There is no itching or congestion. The eye drops I am taking is for allergies. I do not rub or itch my eyes. I feel fine except for the swelling. Going to see the doctor tomorrow. Hoping he has some new direction we can go.
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  • You said: "The latest theory is dust mite allergies but I have no congestion or other respitory symptoms."You can have a skin allergy to dust mites without a respiratory allergy. I assume you don't have cats - could cause this.Have you tried spending a week or two somewhere away from home to see if it is something at home that is causing it?I assume the allergist did a skin ****k test for standard allergies? If not, they should. Change your soap. Hand soap. Bar soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Laundry soap.Could be a food allergy - another good ready to get the ****k test.Don't assume that because you have always had cats/pets or always eaten certain food that you are not allergic. Allergies can develop over time and suddenly show up that were not there previously. Sometimes you may need a combination of anti-allergy medicines and may need to take them for a couple weeks / month.If you don't already, may try taking daily baths or showers, or if you do then may try decreasing frequency.
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  • I hope no one mentions Orbital myositis or psudo tumor :( Are you in pain have impared / double vision.
    oz kate 5 Replies
    • February 14, 2008
    • 06:32 PM
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