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Eye pain when I focus at distance.

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  • Posted By: Cmorgan00
  • April 23, 2011
  • 02:39 PM

Let me begin by telling a bit about myself. Specsavers (opticians) eyetest was has been done on me at a few times, i'm apparently slightly myopic, (-1.75 to -2 in both eyes) but this has only been a problem since I was 16 years old.

Nobody in my family has a history of eye problems, my parents, brothers and sisters do not wear glasses. I am the only computer user in my family, I started using computers heavily at age 16. I'm 26 years old now, for close to 10 years, give or take a few months off once or twice, i've used computers for 10-16 hours a day, without bothering to even take breaks for my eyes.

At one point I started using contact lenses, because taking them out or putting them in all the time was a pain, I wanted to use them at the computer, but there was a problem, it didn't feel right, it hurt my eyes a bit and it was all just too much, too clear, all up in my face. I expressed these concerns to my optician, that my vision felt like it was getting worse from this, and it made sense that it would, but the optician lied to me, he told me that it wouldn't cause any harm, couldn't speed up my myopia getting worse, he said it's all age related. This seeded the first seeds of doubt in the industry which lead to me discovering the truth about eyeglasses, and our eyes.

6 months ago I came across the realisation that eyeglasses are not a cure, they simply mask the symptom. This also makes your vision worse which is why you constantly need stronger glasses as time goes on, it has nothing to do with your age in most cases, don't let the opticians tell you otherwise - They just want you to keep coming back for new glasses, they have no interest in your vision being cured properly.

6 months ago I stopped wearing my glasses, and stopped using computers so much. I knew there was something to this, because my vision, for just a few moments, sometimes was completely clear, 20/20 vision. This is without squinting, just a moment of clarity.

The thing is, during these moments of clarity, depending on how clear things get, I will get a pain sometimes in my eye, it can be either eye that hurts. It seems that often enough, once I manage to focus (and see completely clearly, with 20/20 vision) this pain will come on. Within 10 seconds the pain forces me to blink, after I blink my distance vision is gone again.

I've started trying something new, actually fighting through the pain, because it's not really that much of a bad pain, imagine you you spinning your arms around, after a while they would ache, but you could fight through it, it's the same with my eyes sometimes when I focus at distance.

I've gained the ability to focus with 20/20 vision for up to several minutes before it goes away. Now I don't care what lying opticians say, that whole industry is corrupt, just to get as many people as they can wearing eyeglasses, they want the whole world wearing glasses, more money for them. There is a great amount of research coming to light which could put the truth out there once and for all, but they try their hardest to keep this information from becoming the offical public knowledge. They say it's controversial and unproven - Well they would say that, heaven help their business model if the world stopped wearing glasses and learned how to see properly again.

My issue is i'm not sure about this pain, does anyone know what it means? One of my theories is that my eyes have adapated to a certain way, I can use a computer 16 hours a day for 5 months and my eyes wouldn't hurt or even feel uncomfortable. See what I mean? It's like my eyes adapated a certain way to be able to do that, but now I no longer want slight myopia, I want 20/20 vision all the time and don't want to use computers a dozen or more hours a day, but learning what the right thing to do to help my eyes adapt back to being normal eyes that see 20/20 is difficult and there is very little help for me, as the eyeglasses business model runs deep with corruption, certainly no standard optician would be able to help me.

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