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eye pain and then some

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  • Posted By: mamaad
  • May 14, 2009
  • 01:58 AM

Ever since January (of this year) I've been having health issues, specifically with my eyes.
I almost never drink but I decided to have a bit on new year's, I ended up having a bit too much and even drank from other people's cups (bad idea). I never passed out but hours later I threw up. Then came dizziness and brain fog.. which lasted for 2 weeks! I actually thought I had brain damage but then the dizziness and brain fog went away and I thought I was fine. A week later I started getting eye pain, my eyes felt really sore, as if the muscles in my upper eyelids was pulled. I went to 2 ophthalmologists and neither found anything, I was having allergy issues (post-nasal drip, sinus pain, etc). I wore contacts for 3 years but by February I couldn't wear them anymore because they made my eyes feel worse. For a while I thought it was from the contacts but I didn't get much better without the contacts. One of my ophthalmologists prescribed steroid eye drops for 2 weeks, which helped only for a bit towards the end of the treatment but then I developed a new electric type of pain at the base of my eyes. After the steroid drops my eye soreness came back, only after allergy medications did the soreness finally go away. Again I thought I was finally free.. then it got weirder and worse.
The electric pain at the base of my eyes came back, which was bizarre because I thought it was from the steroid eye drops (which I had stopped weeks ago). When it came I would get an odd burning sensation in my finger nails. The pain wasn't so bad and I was so sick of dealing with doctors that I decided just to deal with it and figured it would just go away. It came and went but was never too bad and didn't last for too many days. Then at the beginning of May... it became severe and excruciating. I was nearly suicidal from the pain. I feel this odd needle-like pain in the inner corners of my eyes and periodic electric pain at the base of my eyes (all the pains feel deep in my eyes). I was given percocet for the pain (which did nothing!) but I had a bad reaction to it and was given vicodin instead, I was also given indocin (a pain killer and anti-inflammatory) which is the only thing that seems to help, and on top of that I was given pamelor for nerve pain (but that has to build up in your system to work). I'm still in pain but not severe. I get eye floaters from time to time but no other visual disturbances. It seems to get worse with stress (and I get panic attacks easily).
All my ophthalmologists haven't found anything of concern and assure me I won't be going blind. However one of my ophthalmologists found white spots on the back of my retinas so shes sending me to a retinal specialist to check it out but she doesn't think its anything.
Here are the tests I've had:
- MRI (clear)
- MRI w/ contrast (clear)
- MRA (clear)
- blood tests (ESR-clear, Thyroid-clear, CBC-clear)
- EKG (clear)
- allergy tests (clear)
basically everything came back clear! which is good... except I'm still in the dark. I still have to see a neurologist and I may see a neurophthalmologist as well. Since everything is coming back clear my doctors aren't taking me seriously anymore and this is really distressing to me. I'm only 19! I want to live, not be at the doctors all the time... the only guess of what I could have is trigeminal neuralgia since the pain goes to my jaw/chin/gums/neck but the doctors are iffy on that since the symptoms are a bit off.

Anyone have any of these symptoms? Any clues?

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