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  • Posted By: shemeon
  • December 17, 2006
  • 04:07 AM

Hi everyone. This will be a bit of a long story so I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it! The doctor's are having a hard time with this one and I'm hoping that someone out there has some ideas.

For starters, I'm a 26 year old caucasian female. I exercise regularly (3 to 5 times a week) and eat very healthy. I have been physically and emotionally healthy my entire life with the following exceptions:
1. Scalp psoriasis since I was a kid (but it is not particuarly bad)
2. Raynauds Syndrome
3. Prone to dental cavities
4. Prone to indigestion

Over the summer I had some problems with two dental fillings that kept falling out. I was having terrible tooth pain and had to wait 3 months to get root canals. In the meantime, my dentist assured me taking the max amount of Extra Strength Advil every day was fine to cope with the pain. I got the root canals in August but in late September I started to experience severe abdominal pain and ultimately threw up 'coffee ground' blood. My doctor assumed I had a bleeding ulcer and I was told to take 20mg Losec once daily and scheduled for a follow up with a GI doctor in late November (this is Canada and things take awhile). The Losec seemed to clear up the pain and all was well. I was on it for 4 weeks.

Meanwhile, in October I started to develop chest pain and was told I probably had some sort of chest infection. The pain was on and off and since it was not heart related and the doctors told me there was no treatment for it, I just ignored it.

In November, 6 weeks ago, I started to get severely dry, red eyes which the optimologist said was 'Posterior Blepharitis' that had caused Keratitis Sica.

4 weeks ago, the chest pain got so severe I went to the emergency and the doctor there suspected GI problems with my history of ulcer. They put me on 20mg of Losec twice daily again. This time I was given the generic brand.

Since then all ***l seems to have broken loose. When I eat I get terrible abdominal pain, bloating, gas and nausea. A constant feeling of fullness. Occassional diahrrea. I have headaches every day. I am extremely fatigued yet can't sleep through the night. My chest pain is constant.

A week ago I also began to experience leg and arm muscle weakness, tingling and pain to the point that sometimes I can't walk. I've had episodes of tremors and involuntary movement. My face and lips sometimes feel numb. When this started to happen I suspected the generic Losec I was on and immediately stopped taking it. A week has gone by but my symptoms persist.

In the last 4 weeks I've had the following tests:
Upper endoscopy (diagnosed with small hiatal hernia and evidence of acid reflux)
CT Scan of my chest/lungs - normal
CT Scan of my brain - normal
Neurology examination - normal (except for the unexplained muscle weakness)
Spinal Tap - normal, which caused a different type of headache then I'd been having and some back pain
Chest XRay - normal
Small Bowel Follow Through - Normal
Ultrasound on abdomen - Normal
Tonnes of CBCs - everything negative except that my body shows I have an inflammation, my white blood cell count is normal (but only a 4), my red blood cell and platelate ciount are on the very low side of normal, my red blood cell differential was 'off' but I'm not sure how. Everything else has been perfect.
Other blood work has all been perfect (including B12)
Liver function normal
Rheumatoid Factor - negative
H. Pylori - negative
Thyroid - negative

I have a test in progress for Celiac disease.

I have no idea if all of this is related or they are separate issues. My doctor hardly seems worried. I'm not even sure if she's convinced I'm as sick as I keep telling her I am. I'm being sent to see a rheumatologist but the appointment is months away. Meanwhile, I feel like a truck hit me. I can hardly function and I haven't been able to go to work for 4 weeks. There seems to be no answer in sight. Oh, and I should also mention that I have not had a fever at all through any of this but I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and groin occassionally.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!!

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  • I forgot to mention... I gave my doctor a stool sample and everything was normal there too.
    shemeon 7 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 05:31 AM
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  • Hi, I am sorry I don't know enough to help but I hope you find an answer soon.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 03:07 PM
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  • I thought Celiac's disease also when you mentioned the digestive symptoms, but Celiac's doesn't explain the muscle weakness. My mom has it and I'm aware of a majority of the symptoms. She had been getting sick since I was young, and all of the doctors couldn't find anything, but eventualy they found out that she has Celiac's disease. Good luck with finding out your disease!!!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 07:18 PM
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  • This is kinda scary, because what you have described is how I have felt. The doctor I go to is very nice and listens and like yours has given me test a ct.. I have heacaches constantly and my hands have a numb tingly feeling in them all the time. When I eat my stomach swells up (unlike u I don't throw up). I haved chest pains periodcally and my neck has stiffened up and hurts now like my knees. I have terrible muscle cramps too(Charlie Horses).These leave my muscles really sore, even to the touch. I used to love to walk but it seems an effort now because I am so tired and sore. If u find out anything let me know. Good luck
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 08:39 PM
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