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Eye bleeding

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 5, 2009
  • 11:51 AM

Hello. I have been wearing monthly disposable lenses for over a year - the ones that you remove and clean every day. A week ago i went to camp and i didn't want to mess around with them every night, so i consulted my optometrist and i was approved to wear day&night lenses for a week. I chose Bausch & Lomb 's PureVision lenses which are produced using new AerGel techonology. The company says that you can wear them for a month straight and that research has proved that the oxygen level is as good as not wearing lenses at all.
So. First few night's (just before leaving) i put them on to get used to them. I was checking my eye condition every night (redness, how they feel etc.) - Everything was OK. I was even feeling better with them than with the previous lenses.
Yesterday evening when i got back home i checked my eyes again, just before going to sleep. I noticed that my eye-whites had been even whiter than before and i was feeling pretty good with those lenses. Later i was really tired and went to bed . Since my eyes were good i decided not to remove lenses.
Then - next mourning i woke up crying so hard with no reason behind it, i could barely open my eyes because it was like i hadn't slept for a long time and my eyelids seemed to be tired, turned out it was because of the swelling. i removed my lenses immediately and went to the bathroom to cool my skin with cold water. Then i decided to check my eyes and i saw that my left eye had blood around 40% of the cornea (jic - NOT on the cornea, around it.) and the capillary was kind of swelled too or evolved closer to the cornea, anyway- my eye-white was covered with 25% more capillary than usually seen. On the other had my right eye was at the same condition regarding the capillary but the area around the cornea wasn't that bloody at all.

Just in case i mention that in the camp i had swimmed in the pool where the water also had been in contact with eyes. Also i was a little sick - throat-ace, some hard cough, but now its gone. (i'm writing this post 9 hours after first wake-up. i had slept a few hours in the meantime.) and sometimes my eyes were just a bit dry, which i moisturized with my tears.
Some data - my left eye is -3.0 and right eye is -3.25. I'm almost 17 years old. The camp i went was a martial arts training, and since do sports my blood pressure can be pretty high. Last checkup (today) - 162/79 , 67 hb per min. Overall feeling - good.

My question is - what are the scenarios which could have caused the bleeding?? Is it possible that any damage has been done?? What can i do right now? (besides visiting an eye-doctor. i have an appointment scheduled already.) Any information that i don't know is welcome. P.s. Eye diseases are out of question -I'm pretty sure i haven't got any.

I hope i posted this on the right section.
Thank you for your time.

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  • Yeah, i use a cellphone, but i usually hold it in my left arm. Anyway, i don't think that electromagnetic exposure could have caused any of it.
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  • Actually there was a telephone tower just 500 meters from where i was staying.
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  • Sounds to me like you might have gotten a corneal abrasion. You really need to go see an eye doc asap. In the meantime, stop wearing your contacts completely (I hope you have some glasses as back up!). I've had several corneal abrasions, usually when I sleep in my contacts (even the ones you supposedly can sleep in). I really think you need an Ophthalmologist right away-- these are your eyes, you don't want to mess around with something that could permanently effect your vision!
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  • Yeah, Turn's out it's just an eye infection. I already got treatment and my eye's r all ok now.
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