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Extreme swelling and trouble breathing

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  • Posted By: painful tum
  • December 29, 2008
  • 05:32 PM

I've had constipation and severe pain in lower right side for a LONG time. I have visited two gastro docs regarding this problem. Both just sent me on the usual colonoscopy conveyor belt and didn't bother to even listen to my other complaints. They just said everything was fine and dumped me back on my OB/GYN. I continued to have problems and kept seeing my OB/GYN regarding these problems (she's the only one who has seriously listened to my symptoms). My OB/GYN at least told me about taking MIRALAX and glycerin suppositories to help with constipation. It helps a little but doesn't fix the problem. About three months ago, I began to have extreme bloating which starts in the upper abdominal area into my back and travels down into hip and into thighs. After eating I have trouble breathing because of the painful swelling. My OB/GYN called one of the gastro docs and insisted he see me again. He just decided my "parts" had dropped and that was making my colon collapse and that was causing the reason I had constipation and he didn't know why I was swelling?????? In the past month, I now have a small pocket protruding out in my bladder area which I thought maybe a hernia and extreme pressure on bladder which creates feeling that I need to urinate even when I don't. My OB/GYN sent me for a CT scan to check all and it came back ok. I don't know what direction to go. I'm still so swollen I have trouble breathing and I need suppositories for constipation and on and on. I also have episodes when I feel like I have a fever but I don't. I'm not sure what direction to proceed? Could it be bladder related, allergy related, blockage somewhere?? Anyone out there have the same problems that could help me?

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  • OMG! I feel as if I am reading part of my own story! I have had trouble breathing for about 6 months. I feel like I am suffocating at times. My stomach bloats so bad that I am the same size as when I was 6 months pregnant. I have had serious constipation issues for around 5 or 6 six years now. The pain goes into my lower back area and moves upward through my shoulders. I have not been able to wear my wedding rings for over 4 weeks now. I am not overweight, I don't smoke and I eat a mostly organic and natural unprocessed diet. The only time that I don't have trouble breathing is when I am exercising. My doctor ran and ECO and determined that my organs are normal. I have had a thyroid test about a year ago and that was fine. He claims that it is anxiety. I have more symtoms of gallstones than I do of anxiety. I can honestly say that I have less to worry about now than ever. I can assure you this is not anxiety. I feel helpless and I too do not know where to go from here. I wish that I had an answer for you. I am sure that there are more people out there who are dealing with the same combinations of "mystery" symptoms.
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    • February 7, 2009
    • 03:38 AM
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  • I went to yet another doc last week. I had a gallbladder ultrasound but I won't know results till Thursday. Although I already eat a good diet, I've tried to cut back on bread and pasta. That helps with the swelling a little so I can breathe without gasping, but this doesn't fix whatever is going on. I've also tried only soup days with mostly liquids which helps with the swelling but again doesn't show what is going on. I just do not know what to do:confused:. I'm also tired of the stupid comments I've gotten from people saying it's just old age coming and I should just deal with it.
    painful tum 4 Replies
    • February 10, 2009
    • 05:24 PM
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