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Extreme Pain in Calves...PLEASE HELP!

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  • Posted By: ihave2dogs
  • July 13, 2009
  • 04:25 AM

I am 20 years old. For about 1 1/2 years I have experienced a weird tingling sensation in my calf (nothing at all below the ankle or above the calf and it happens to both legs, but only one at a time).It seems to be brought on by sitting or being in any awkward position like sitting on my knees. The sensation starts out feeling sort of like when your foot falls asleep, followed by a numb feeling where I can't move my leg at all; its like dead weight and if i try to walk on it I just fall over. About 5-10 seconds after the "numb" feeling begins my calf starts to become extremely painful, almost like a burning/pokey knives feeling. From start to finish the symptoms last about 20 secs-1 1/2 minutes. Sometimes this happens to me 3-4+ times a day and sometimes I can go 2 or 3 days with out experiencing anything. These symptoms happen randomly throughout the day and don't seem to be connected with any specific time of day.

My feet, and calves especially, are both very achy most of the day. My calves get numb very easily and when they get numb, I am much more likely to get one of the painful episodes.

I have been to a nuerologist and spinal doctor and all tests have come back normal.

Please help! This has taken over my life and I need any information you may have.

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  • Question: Do you smoke/use any form of tobacco?
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  • I don't use any tobacco, but I am exposed to second hand smoke a few times a day.
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  • I was considering thromboangiitis obliterans (TAO) as a possibility given your calf and foot pain and paresthesias and cold sensitivity of hands and feet. TAO, though, is very unlikely due to the following reasons: (1) It is much more common in males than in females, although TAO is being increasingly recognized in females.(2) It is much more common in smokers than in nonsmokers. Exposure to second hand smoke is generally not considered a risk factor for TAO, unless there is a previous history of smoking.(3) TAO is very rare in and of itself, and is more common in certain populations than others.(4) Your doctors have checked your distal pulses etc and these are normal(5) Cold sensitivity and calf pain may not be temporally or causally related. I would still advise you to avoid second hand smoke for general health reasons. Beyond that, unfortunately, I do not have any concrete ideas at this time. On a speculative level, I would consider vascular/vasculitic causes and suggest talking to your primary physician regarding the possibility of such and whether further evaluation is required in this direction.
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  • Ask your doctor to get take a Vitamin D Level. Any unexplained musculoskeletal pain should have vitamin d deficiency ruled out. If its low, be SURE to get aggressive treatment - which will likely be in the range of 50,000 IU's per week. But GET THE TEST and do not take that much vitamin D on your own without monitoring.Next, try taking a calcium and magnesium supplement that contains calcium and magnesium CITRATE or glycinate or anything that says 'chelate' or 'chelated' - NOT oxides or carbonate. Then get some extra magnesium on top of that. Take the cal/mag supplement once a day as directed on the bottle, getting about 1000 MG of calcium per day. Then add in magnesium, up to a total of no more than 900 Mg of magnesium per day. Increase the magnesium by about 200 mg per day taken about 100 to 200 mg 3 to 4 times per day and not all at once. Once you begin to have loose stools (diarrhea), then back off to the last dose that didn't cause you to have loose stools and stay there. If it is a calcium and/or magnesium deficiency then you should see results within a week- two at the most. If you don't see results, then that is not the problem! Kerri Knox, RNFunctional Medicine Practitioner
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  • Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I will definitely ask my doctor about all of those things.
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  • To JCottleMD Dr Cottle, your opinion is requested regarding the original poster's query. If you should choose to respond, I am sure the poster would appreciate it, too. Sincerely, m3dh31p
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