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extreme nausea

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  • Posted By: brodi86
  • May 11, 2007
  • 11:33 PM

Hi, I'm 21 years old and I have had extreme nausea for the last 4 yrs now and no one can find a diagnosis for me. I have seen several doctors in the midwest and I also went to the Mayo Clinic. I get nauseous every single day, usually about every 4-5 hours. The only thing I have found to relieve this is food. Shakiness and dizziness also accompanies the nausea. Many foods bother me also, including acidic foods and caffeine. My doctors cannot link that to a gastrointestinal problem though. The only diagnosis that we have found along the way is endometriosis, but no one seems to think that has anything to do with my everyday problems. Does anyone have any ideas?? Thank you so much.

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  • brodi86...is that the year you graduated??? me too...I'm mommy cat...I have noticed "several" people on this site with similar symptoms...some or all of the ones you have mentioned...please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com look at symptoms page...be sure to scroll down entire page...there are 2 paragraphs seperated from each other with sx...good luck and Be Well...mommy cat
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  • Thanks...I will check that website out! And no...thats the year I was born!! :) I'm only 21.
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  • Hi Brodi,This might seem "gross" and you might wonder why no one checked this before, but you need to get checked for parasites. And the way they do that is by checking your feces under a microscope. Sometimes, when this kind of test is done, they come up with false negative results (they say it is clear, but they are wrong) because the parasites aren't always in every bit of bowel movement, and you happen to only give a small sample.So the proper kind of test requires 2 or 3 little bottles/vials that you (yah, gross, I apologize) have to collect your bms, and spoon a bit from different times, one sample/bm per vial. That is, on two different occassions when you go to the bathroom, each time you fill one vial.They send the samples out to a specialized lab, and check for all kinds of parasites. The doctors might say you couldn't have a parasite if you weren't out hiking or something, but some of the most common parasites are passed in baby day care situations, from diapers. So even if you weren't at a day care, if someone you touched was, and they didn't clean well, you could have gotten it that way.Insist on this kind of test, even if they say there is no way. It isn't too hard to do, and if it turns out you have something like giardia, you can take an antibiotic like Flagyl for a couple weeks, and get rid of it. Such medicines are VERY ******n a body, and are not to be taken without proof of need. Also, even after getting rid of a parasite, it can take months/years to get all the way back to normal, because of the damage done. But the first step is clearing out the parasite.The test can take a few days to complete (go to the doctor, get the vials, fill them over a day or two, return them, mail them, test them, send the results to your doctor) but it is very worth it.Please write back when you get the results. Being nauseous every day like that can make a person insane and depressed. You deserve to get better.Best,Shula
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  • brodi...good for you...I was just beginning adulthood when you were born...Ah, to be 21 again...check out the site I mentioned and don't forget...you do not have to have every sx to have this you can have 3 symptoms or 100 it doesn't matter.........this comes in mild, moderate and severe forms...mine is pretty severe...Best to you...mommy cat
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  • Hi Shula....I actually already had that done at the Mayo Clinic. That was one of the first things they thought of and yes...it was very gross but it was necessary. Everything came back fine. And mommycat....I looked at that website and it was very interesting!! I am going to mention it to my doc!! Thank you.
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  • I was wondering if you had ever been tested for Celiac disease or some type of food allergy. I'm assuming they have already checked your pancreas and liver enzymes. :confused: Wishing you well. :)
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  • brodi...please know that I asked my doctor if Fibromyalgia could be a mild form of ME he had no reason to rule it out as a possibility. have been sharing this info with my mother who has fibro...I'm currently being tested for ME myself....My mother said Montel Williams did a show on Tues about a sudden epidemic of fibro in LosAngeles????? I'm calling my doc and the local health dept this am............Pass this info to anyone you know with similar symptoms.I'm afraid this thing is so much bigger than my own illness....................Best to you Brodi.there are still others on this site that I'm trying to convice to look at the site....There are severa I know have it.they think because they don't have every symptom that they don't have ME. I'm afraid it is Pandemic...I've heard from people all over the world........Be Well and Godspeed.mommy cat
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  • yes, mommycat....i will pass the info along. I had never heard of ME before you introduced the website to me. thank you so much for all your help. leslie....I know I have been checked for Celiac disease, and I do not hav it. But I need to check all my records and make sure they checked my pancreas and liver enzymes. thank you so much for bringing that to my attention!! Have a great day!!
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  • Brodi...I had never heard of ME and I've been a nurse for 15 years and was a nurse's aid for 6 yrs before that won't be long before this info is all over media...someone is going to catch on soon I'm blabbing it to everyone...doc, family, people on this site, health dept and so on what did they do with the people in the 80's who had this??? they didn't quarantine them convinced there was an outbreak in our school the possibilities are infinite PLEASE take info to doc...highlight symptoms especially if you've been to other docs and can't get an answer Be Well....momy cat
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  • Hello, I am a concerned husband, who's wife is very ill. She has suffered from terrible nausea for years, and chronic back pain. There seems to be no connection between the nausea and any particular type of food. Her vomiting will regularly happen when she hasn't eaten anything at all. We have 3 small children, and she is unable to even enjoy spending time with them due to the nausea. She has been to many different doctors and they can come up with no reason for it. The only thing that even mildly helps are Fenegrin (sp?) suppositories. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would be very grateful.
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