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Extreme Foot Pain-- please help me!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 3, 2009
  • 05:53 AM


I have been battling with severe foot pain in my right foot since I was 12 years old. My first doctor said that I had flat feet and bruised arch tissue and prescribed Ibuprofen twice a day. It kind of helped, but tore up my stomach, and made me very sick. I forgot about the foot cramps, and moved on. They came back sporadically, worse every time. At first I would just push my foot hard against the floor, and wait a few seconds and then it would be gone. But November 2008, it lasted more than a few seconds. I was sitting on my friend's bed and suddenly felt a foot cramp coming on, so I leaned over to start massaging my foot. It got worse and worse, until I fell off the bed onto the floor and started screaming in pain. It felt like a charlie horse, but also like my muscle was being twisted into a knot plus a cramp. It was the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. Nothing else can top this pain. *shudders* I went to a surgeon and she diagnosed me with some life-threatening disease. She was very rude and did no x-rays or anything. She just diagnosed me as soon as she touched my feet (after being told not to) and caused me to scream out in pain. ***k. But anyway, the pain got worse. The surgeon told me that my time was limited, which pretty much pulled me into a depression. I went to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis. She claimed that I did not have bruised arch tissue. I got two cortisone shots. I had no pain after the first shot until April 2009. I collapsed on the way to class in April, and was in a wheelchair from that moment on. I came home screaming and unable to sit down because of the pain. I got another cortisone shot but it only made it worse. My mom called a specialist and he diagnosed me with TTS: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. He also said that I have overpronation and very high arches. He noticed my hypersensitivity, and also my twitching. I always put my weight on my left side, because I was afraid of the pain. I was usually constantly moving, and I only took my shoes off to shower. He did surgery on me after making me wear a cast for 2 weeks, and I felt a lot better. After recovering, I went to college. I bought some Z Coil shoes which helped me to walk longer distances. Within the first week, I had that terrible foot pain again, but for about 15 minutes. I grabbed my bottle of NSAID's and waited for a few minutes and iced my foot, and I was okay, despite the fact that I was crying and scared out of my mind. Tonight, I was taking a shower and the charlie horse pain hit me. It is in my lower arch/heel. I started moaning in pain, and quickly put on my Z Coil shoes, but as I walked to my room, I could still feel it "spark," the pain came up on and off. I am now sitting in my chair wondering what the ***l this is and how I can get rid of it, since $12,000 of shots, medication, and surgery didn't work. PLEASE HELP ME I'M SO SICK OF THIS AWFUL PAIN! I am seriously considering amputation because of how much it frigging hurts. I swear it's the worst pain ever.
please please help me please

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