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Extreme Fatigue Only Symptom???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2011
  • 11:54 PM

I have been experiencing extreme fatigue for the past 2 months. Typically I am very energetic, workout regularly (circuits, kettle bells, running, biking, yoga), compete in duathlons, snowboard, and race a motorcycle. I am 30 years old, 5'1" tall and my typical weight was 130lbs, however in the past 2 months I have gained weight (due to my inactivity??? nothing else in my life has changed) and now weigh 145lbs.

At the beginning of March I was feeling cold/flu type symptoms which were bothersome, but not enough to keep me home from work. I was on Spring Break (I am a special education teacher) the 3rd week of March and took it as a time to rest and hopefully get over this "cold" or whatever illness I had. I began to feel ok, but when I went back to work I went straight to urgent care after school the first day back feeling extreme flu symptoms. However, I did not have a fever. My white cell count was a little high so I was given z-pack antibiotics. I felt a little better after that, however a month later I was still feeling cold/flu symptoms with increasing fatigue that was inhibiting me from working out completely and even just getting through the day without a nap. I was tested for thyroid issues, pregnancy and mono and all came back negative.

I then went to a specialty clinic for metabolism and endocrine disorders where they ran all of their tests for anything and everything related to such conditions (including more in-depth thyroid tests). All of those tests came back fine. They also did a screening for autoimmune and rheumatoid diseases which came back positive. I was just seen by a rheumatoligist who confirmed that it was a false positive and since my only symptom is extreme fatigue and I do not have any family history of such problems, he is sure it is not anything autoimmune or rheumatoid related.

Now I am back to square one with no idea what is going on and barely able to get through the day. I have no allergies that I am aware of, however have not undergone allergy testing. I do not feel any better when taking over the counter allergy medicine. I take a multi vitamin, have no other vitamin deficiencies and I eat mostly healthy (however not "clean eating" or gluten free, etc). I don't know what to do! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

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  • I hope Im wrong but you may of developed chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) also known as CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). A typical onset of CFS is flu like symptoms which are hard to shake off. One may improve but on trying to do things again get ill again (mental and physical excertion trigger off symptoms). Im curious what that false positive was as in CFS there can be certain abnormalities found on specialised tests but the abnormalities can come and go. Whatever they found.. may not have been actually a false positive but some finding often found in CFS. (If you let me know what it was.. I can tell you if it fits with CFS or research it with CFS and see what comes up yourself). Many of the CFS abnormalities are often dismissed by doctors who dont understand they are due to CFS. CFS isnt uncommon in Athletic people and for some reason from some polls done.. seems to be more common in those who work with others eg health workers, teachers etc. CFS hits females 3 times more then males. When you say fatigue is your only symptom... when you try to do things what happens? do you then go back into quite a few flu like symptoms? (feeling feverish, glands may swell, sore throat, you may get muscle ache etc etc). Sorry Ive found it confusing when you say fatigue is your only symptom. Or when you said you had flu like symptoms.. do you mean only fatigue? IF you are in the early stages of CFS.. be aware you have the best chance of recovery. CFS once it really sets in, not many at all actually recover from it. With CFS being aware of the issue and resting when you need to and not over doing things and hence making the condition worst, will give you best chance of recovery if in the early stages of it. (If you do think this is your issue.. I suggest to check out CFS online forums or your local CFS society and learn what you can before you go and approach a doctor as many doctors have a lot of misconceptions about the illness and many of them give CFS people poor advice and end up making people much worst). Having a high white cell count early illness is common in CFS (with long term CFS people (after years) thou the white cell count then can go low due to chronic over activation).
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