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  • Posted By: alwaysbloated94
  • August 17, 2009
  • 11:30 PM

I'm 15 years old. I've been bloated since January, pretty much constantly, with absolutely no relief. I sometimes get so bloated that I look like I'm pregnant, like in my third trimester or so. It's extremely uncomfortable and I'm always full and I rarely get hungry and have even stopped eating occasionally because I'm so ashamed of the way I look and feel. I've had a colonoscopy(normal), numerous blood tests (such as thyroid checks, celiacs disease, random diseases that we thought i might have, all came back normal or negative) and a cat scan, also normal. After switching GI doctors, we were thinking it may be my liver and so we got an ultra sound done. My gallbladder showed up as "sludgy" which is definitely not normal for a 15 year old who doesn't eat ANY sugar at all and keeps away from fats as much as possible (i'm obsessed with nutrition and fitness and despite the fact that i workout ALL the time my stomach looks incredibly large) . After meeting a surgeon and getting a hyda scan test and finding my gall bladder was not functioning at all, we scheduled to get it removed. before we did the hyda scan, we also got an endoscopy done. my esophagus was fine, but my stomach was not. they found bile in my stomach and it was not completely empty, and they also found gastritis. they put me on prilosec, which i took, but on only the third day i woke up with the worst pain in my throat i've ever experienced and i could hardly swallow and got dehydrated because it hurt too much to eat or drink. they took me off of that and we tried nexium, producing the same throat pain on the third dose so we stopped taking that. by that time, it was time for my gall bladder surgery and that went well i guess. my stomach was REALLY bloated for about four days or so but that was to be expected because i had a laproscopy done. i started school last monday after having the surgery that thursday (yuck) and felt okay, but the night before that i had the WORST acid reflux and thought i was going to throw up and when i swallowed my throat made this really loud gurgling sound and my eyes watered and my jaw felt all tingly. it was awful. however, my bloating went down for the first time in FOREVER on tues, wed, and thursday but then i decided to eat *gasp* a bowl of cereal instead of the usual fruits and veggies that i had been eating! well, my stomach didnt' like that very much and it got EXTREMELY bloated like it was before the gall bladder surgery and it has been bloated for four days since then without relief. I also haven't had a bowel movement until this morning when I was at school and suddenly had to go right away and so i had to run out of the classroom and run to the bathroom before i went in my pants and lets just say...it was explosive. I know that it could be from my gall bladder getting removed, but my bowel movements the week after it was removed were totally normal and moving along quite well, so it's strange that it doesn't work two weeks after. also, my throat has been burning and the acid reflux comes every night. and, as usual, food makes my stomach bloat up. well actually, even if i don't eat, it still bloats. i'm just...always bloated. i want to be normal!! i'm tired of feeling fat and gross even though i eat a way more healthy diet than anyone else i know and workout almost obsessively (which i have been getting noticeably more tired and unable to work out as well, even before surgery). so, all in all, i'm afraid the gall bladder surgery was ineffective or even made things worse and i don't know what i'll do if i have to live like this for much longer. it's also getting more and more painful and the bloating is getting larger!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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