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extrem fatigue is taking over me...help me plz!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 22, 2007
  • 01:58 PM

Hi, im an 18 year old girl and its been about 6 months that i have beem feeling exrem fatigue, diseness, i dont have any energie....my mouth get sometimes dry...i feel so weak that i cant do my normal activites....i had to quite college....i dont have any doctor so i went to 3 different doctors..hospital or clinics without an appointment...and they all told me it was a start of a depression...but the thing is...i feel depress because i dont have energie...not because im depress so i dont have energie...theres a difference....and my condition is not gettin better...they told me that i should take anti-depressing mediacation but...it doesnt feel right to take them....i know its not its not that...like i have my bad days and good days....but latley i have bad days....and i dont know what to do anymore...its making me realy anxious...and stress..
plz answer me....i need an answer! thx xox

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  • Google Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Fibromyalgia. Compare your symptoms to those listed for those conditions, the talk with a doctor about them.
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  • get a blood test to see if your thyroid gland is working
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  • Read "The secret" By Rhonda Byrne.
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  • Dear kiki -I hate to tell you this, but chronic fatigue with no obvious cause can be very, very hard to diagnose and treat, because fatigue is a symptom of so many different conditions. I had a mysterious chronic fatigue for 15+ years, saw all kinds of doctors and tried all kinds of treatments, and couldn't work for most of the past 15 years. Then almost by accident, a year ago I finally learned that my fatigue was caused by sleep apnea, which is interruptions in my breathing during sleep that made my body work hard to breath, and kept me from getting deep, restful sleep. (I'm not suggesting that sleep apnea is your problem, I'm just saying that finding the source of your fatigue may be a long and frustrating process.)Yes, depression could be causing your fatigue. However, most doctors I've seen don't seem to know much about fatigue in general, and many of them just go to depression as their default diagnosis. (And prescribing pills makes their jobs easier. Sorry, the past 15 years have drained off most of my respect for mainstream Western medicine.) Still, even if you recall your fatigue coming before your depression, depression could still be the source; you may simply not have noticed the depression until you became fatigued. You'll have to use your own judgement about whether to try antidepressants. However, as a person who also has had clinical depression all his life (ain't I lucky?), I can tell you that finding an effective antidepressant med, or combination of meds, can also take a very long time. It took me over 10 years.The suggestion to check for thyroid problems is a good one; thyroid problems are common and they often cause fatigue. They're also relatively easy and cheap to diagnose; usual diagnosis is by a blood test, backed up by an ultrasound if the doctor thinks you may have a subtle disorder. If you can afford it, go to an endocrinologist; during my years of searching for treatments, I met a lot of doctors who didn't seem to know much about thyroids.Fibromyalgia and true chronic fatigue syndrome are fairly rare. The symptoms for fibromyalgia are pretty specific; read about them at WebMD.com, MayoClinic.com, or Wikipedia.com and see if they seem to fit you. If so, see a neurologist; diagnosis is by a physical exam. "Classic" chronic fatigue syndrome is hard to diagnose, as it requires ruling out a lot of other conditions that can also cause fatigue. And even if you do get a diagnosis of classic chronic fatigue, there are no accepted mainstream treatments for it; you have to enter the world of oriental medicine and other alternative forms of treatment. If you search these forums for keywords such as oriental, chinese, allergies, and NAET (an alternative treatment for eliminating food and environmental allergies), you'll find more information.Yes, fatigue can also be caused by allergies, mostly to foods. I don't know a lot about that, but search the forums for two users, acuann and Eatafruit78. They both know a lot about oriental medicine, NAET, and other alternative treatments, and have posted tons of things about them.Beyond all that, your best bet is to ask around for a referral to a doctor -- most likely an internist, neurologist, or endocrinologist -- who's experienced with hard-to-diagnose fatigue, and get a thorough exam and lab tests.My heart goes out to you because I know how bad fatigue can be, and I also know how long and hard you may have to look until you find the right answer for you. If I can do anything at all to help you, especially answer questions, please post again. My very best wishes and prayers to you!
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  • Maybe try taking Magnesium supplement. My sister was suffering from fatigue for a few months along with a feeling of lightheadedness and got no satisfaction or diagnosis from the doctors and consultants she attended. She found a book about Magnesium and her health and energy has improved greatly. She takes about 400mg a day and is definitely feeling the benefit of it. It's essential for muscles and much more.Trish
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  • check out www.ahummingbirdsguide.com see how many sx you have, talk to your dr if there are many...mommy cat
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