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extended meningitus

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  • Posted By: peedoff
  • April 11, 2007
  • 00:52 AM

i have just spent half an hour writing my story olnly to press send and be told i took too long and my soul that i beared on here had been ****ing deleted.

so anyway: the shortened, less emotional, now slightly more irritated and angry version:

i was hospitalised 2 months ago with meningitis
blood tests clear (or methods unable to find which type of infection). chest x.ray clear.
released after 6 days with anti biotics for chest infection
i was certain of misdiognosis as cough developed one week after falling ill. cough was likley brought on by compromised immune system and being a smoker.

anti bitoics, as suspected, dont realy help. mild fever goes.
i then continue to have cracking headache and visual problems, twitching for a month
now two months on i still have headache, vision isnt totally back to normal, twitching etc. (i.e symtoms of increased cranial pressure)

only possible cause i can see for increased cranial pressure is infection (as i ahve had no blows to the head)

only other medial problem i have is suspected gynological infection.

i am told the two COULDNT POSSIBLY be related. which i think is total bollocks. theyve tested me for everything else.

i have had numerous blood tests, vaginal swabs all coming out with nothing.

i am fed up with feeling like a moron and a mentalist for thinking that the chronic pain in my abdomin and a whole host of other symtoms is the sorce for my meningeal problems

unsuprisingly i am chronically depressed and frightened for my life. i do not understand why i am not in hospital right now.

i am baffled by the lack of urgency and concern being emmitted from my g.p. i feel like i am being left to rot

my only ray of hope is a gynological appointmet in 3 weeks, where i hope to god they actually decided, that yes, there is a ****ing problem, and we have to find what kind of bloody infection i have.

i have taken anti biotics for bacterial vaginosis,(to no affect) doxycycline for various STDs (pointless as i am a virgin) and anti biotics for respiratory inection which i cant remember the name of.

no one can help me. i jsut thought id rant in the right place.

thanks for reading.
if this gets lost again i am going to kill myself.

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  • id also like to emtion that i am 20 and was completley healthy and normal before i was struck down with this rubbish.
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  • I think you should get a CT Scan of your brain/skull to try and determine a cause for the increased intercranial pressure. It might be resulting from a tumor or cyst. I don't think a blood test is used to check for meningitus, a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) is. A pathologist needs to look at your CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) which would tell them EXACTLY what type of meningitus you had/have. If you had/have viral meningitus, antibiotics would do nothing for it and in theory, the symptoms could last for a longer duration. Get the CT scan done to make sure there isn't something else going on with your brain; increased pressure is a dangerous condition that needs to be evaluated thoroughly. I'd wait to get the spinal tap until AFTER the CT scan because there is a risk associated with ST and if you had a tumor or something show on CT, you might not need it.
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  • appologies for the appaling spelling and grammar. im not in the best mental state at the moment.
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  • thanks for your reply. after i came out of hospital and went to my g.p telling them that the symtoms were still persisting, he said i couldnt have any kind of infections because the blood tests i had done showed nothing. i am angry because i feel i wasnt properly dealt with in hospital. they sent me home after only seemingly plucking a half fitting explanation from the air. i never had a CT scan. which i should have had. i never had my spinal fluid tested, which they said they were going to do as they couldnt find the cause of my illness. i feel like i was just bungled out of hospital. and now, becasue apparently its not 'life' threatening' anymore, im not allowed emidiate care. and i must suffer, wondering when i am going to end up in a vegetable state, or go blind.
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  • Hi! No need to thank me for replying- most everyone on this website knows what it feels like for doctors to dismiss symptoms and problems. Let me ask you a bit more about your symptoms. I bet you mentioned this in the post that got cancelled/not posted. Sorry if you have to repeat yourself:1. What were the original symptoms you were experiencing?2. Who sent you to the hospital- you or a doctor?3. How did the hospital conclude you had meningitus if they couldn't prove it?4. Did the hospital do any kind of blood testing? Were there any abnormalities? If the doctor(s) checked your CRP (C-Reactive Protein) and it was below 1.0, chances are you didn't have any kind of major infection. But I don't know if this means you didn't have meningitus as that isn't really a blood issue. I tell you though, I've never heard of a hospital giving a diagnosis of meningitus and NOT doing a ST to confirm it/determine it. Sounds like you had some bad doctors. Meningitus can be life threatening and demands THOROUGH attention. I'm not sure how hospitals deal with meningitus, but a brain CT scan would make sense. Go to your primairy doctor and demand a CT scan or, if you are really concerned, go to an ER and tell them about you previous hospital experience, and tell them the current symptoms you're experiencing. Tell them you want a CT to make sure there isn't a problem, and then you can ask about the spinal tap if the CT shows nothing. You could also get an MRI of the brain, but I think CT is of better use when it comes to diagnosing things like stroke or other changes. MRI seems to be better at detecting tumors. Of course you might have a CT and then need an MRI for further evaluation. You have every right to be upset so don't feel like you're out of line.
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