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Expired Vagina?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2008
  • 01:52 PM

I have been reading the threads on recurrent BV, etc & still have questions.
A brief history - 42 years old. Colon removed (& small intestine formed into "S-pouch") in 1998 due to Ulcerartive Colitis. Took antibiotics (Cipro) every day for the next 8 years for chronic "pouchitis". Sept 2006 got an Ileostomy (lay terms - rectum removed & sewed shut, now have a "Barbie Butt" & I poop into a "bag" out of a hole in my stomach:eek:). NO female issues my whole life UNTIL I had my Ileostomy surgery.

Almost immediately following my surgery, I have had issues with discharge & odor. For the last 1 1/2 years, I have had a brown, rust-colored discharge with a very bad odor. It is the worst when I am having my period or during sex with my husband. When I say bad odor, I mean BAD! It's not the "fishy" smell that so many of you speak of, this smells like rotting meat! (My friend said maybe my vagina is expired!) I have no fever & no pain. The discharge & odor are my only symptoms, but they are enough to drive me nuts!!!

I have had a pap (normal) & all the usual tests. Also have had vaginal ultrasounds & cat scans (they did find some cysts on my uterus & said no biggie). The many doctors I have seen have diagnosed me with many different things. One thought rectovaginal fistula, one said cystitis, another said BV, another gardnerella, the last one said endometritis. They have treated me with oral Flaygl & Levaquin. They latest thing to try is the Flagyl vaginal gel. (The meds clear it up for a few weeks & then it comes back.):mad:

I picked up the meds, but decided to try the yogurt & probiotics thing before I go another round of Flagyl. I finished my period 2 days ago & last night used the yogurt & probiotics (also will take orally, along with oil of oregano, garlic & Golden Seal Root). To insert, I used the applicator that came with the Flaygl gel. Upon inserting, I gushed out all this dark, smelly blood (or discharge?). Bloody ***l - It was like a pin popping a balloon! :eek:

I am hoping some of you seasoned vets (DOM, please chime in!) could offer some insight into this. After searching the threads, I couldn't really find anyone else whose vagina smells like it's expiring!

Thanks for listening!

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  • You said this started almost immediately after surgery. I have to wonder if you are leaking waste matter into your female parts. Perhaps the surgery caused a perforation and it has caused an abscess in your uterus that was popped by insertion of applicator. Or perhaps they left an object inside of you during surgery and it's causing problems. Have you had an ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, anything to see if something was left inside you or if there is a tumor, etc.?No matter what, get back to the doctor. If your doctor can't help, find another doctor. I would insist on some scans to see if they can find anything. By the way, I have never heard of an expired vagina.
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  • Beth - Thanks for your reply. The "expired vagina" reference is just what my friend had said when I told her it smelled like old, rotting meat :eek:. Trying to put a little humor into a depressing situation! I have had all the tests (cat scans, ulrasound, etc.) to make sure it is not something "leaking" into my female organs. Several doctors have ruled this out (no fistulas, perforations, abcesses, nothing left behind, etc). They have all told me that they don't believe that is is anything that was actually caused by my ileostomy surgery & the fact that my female issues started shortly after surgery was just a coincidence. They all can't seem to agree on the same diagnosis, but they DO all agree that it is certainly some sort of "chronic" infection. Any other thoughts?
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  • Not knowing what it is, if it is just an infection, a half dozen acupuncture treatments should fix it up. Did they do a uterine biopsy to rule out uterine cancer; a pap is not good enough.
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  • Thanks for the response.I have considered accupuncture - maybe I'll look into it if the probiotics don't work.Yes, as a matter of fact, they did do a bioposy & ruled out cancer.
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  • Thanks for the response.I have considered accupuncture - maybe I'll look into it if the probiotics don't work.Yes, as a matter of fact, they did do a bioposy & ruled out cancer.Could it be that you have coincidentally reached the start of pre-menopause and thus may slightly bleed all the time giving an ideal conditions for nasty bugs to set up home and thrive so it is very difficult to keep clear of them as they will recure? If so, regularilising your periods with the pill so you do have totally blood leak free times will make conditions less favourable for bugs to thrive and recur
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