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Excess hair, hair loss, and too much more. :(

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 21, 2007
  • 00:10 PM

I am an 18 year old obese female. 5'6" aprox. 300 pounds, have lost some weight recently, am gradually losing weight. I don't know where to start, so I hope it's okay if I just list my symptoms. Some of them are probably due to me being fat, but which ones aren't and are any probably related?

- Dandruff: Started about 3 years ago, eventually treated it with fluocinonide, recently switched to Olux, which barely works but leaves less grease.

- Psoriasis: First plaque on my body showed up about eight months ago, usually don't have more than two at once and no larger than a quarter total. Typically on my breasts but also on my stomach and hips.

- Hair Loss (Scalp): Began about a year and a half ago, just enough that I noticed that "Hmm, maybe I'm losing a little more hair than usual," but in the last few months it has progressed to where I lose quite a bit of hair each day. People who I am in contact with every day are beginning to mention that my hair doesn't look as thick as it once did.

- Hair Loss (Pubic): Started a few months ago, around the same time that my hair loss started to get notably worse. I can pull out (painlessly, just happens when I wash) many hairs at a time. This isn't specifically a nuisance, but it's probably best to mention it.

- Excess Hair (Face, Upper Chest): In the last few months I have gotten chest hair. I've always had a hairy upper lip, but it has darkened considerably and I am having trouble with it on my chin and jaw line now.

- Excess Hair (Legs): I can get a "5 o'clock shadow" on my legs and waxing lasts only four days. I have enough hair on my upper legs that it could be classified as a pelt, and my lower legs are almost as bad.

- Skin Tags: Under arms, only have nine. Had them frozen by the derm but it will take several more treatments to get them off and the pain almost seems to make the treatment not worth it.

- Darkened patches of skin (Acanthosis Nigricans?): Under my breasts, on my inner elbows, on my inner thighs, on my neck excluding the front, and faintly in my armpits. Possibly on my lower back as well.

- No Period: Still haven't gotten my first period in terms that others would consider a period, but have had occasional spotting minus cramps or any symptoms. Never enough to bother with a pad or tampon.

- Depression/Social Anxiety: Haven't been diagnosed with either, but I believe I can safely say that I do have the problem given that even something as simple as a surprise visit from a good friend can leave me anxious for hours after. I was in denial for a while that I am depressed, but have acknowledged that I probably am, finally. Haven't sought any treatment, probably won't in the near future. I've probably been what one would definitely consider depressed for the last... hmm... 2.5 years with social anxiety starting 7 years ago.

- Odor (Armpits): My armpits are RANK. Multiple washings in the shower do NOTHING. The only thing that even kind of helps is washing with a citrus shampoo and then applying antiperspirant. (I don't have a wetness problem at all, but blocking sweating helps block odor.)

- Odor: (Crotch): My vagina is normal scented as far as I can tell. The odor is from the skin around it on my inner thighs. No amount of washing helps. The odor even rubs onto my pants and underwear and is VERY embarrassing although it does not seem that others notice it, however I make every effort to get rid of and cover up the smell.

- Mucus in stool: Went to Egypt for one month and got back about two weeks ago. I had mucus (a small amount) in my stool there occasionally but at home almost every time I am getting larger and larger amounts. Otherwise no symptoms in terms of pain, blood, being loose, bloating, or constipation.

- Allergies: Penicillin, Yellow dye, fillers in pill medicines, most plants, molds, pollen dust, etc. Not any true "food" allergies. Am sort of allergic to allergy shots in that I had a bad reaction and ended up with pneumonia.

- Miscellaneous symptoms: stretch marks on arms, stomach, breasts, and sides. (One arm did not stretch enough even so and I now have a roll. :() Have a VERY short neck (not even an inch long in the back, it feels like) and a kind of humped upper back. My mom and her dad have the same sort of neck. I think it's mostly a fatty hump, not a spine problem. I tend to run a high white blood cell count (slightly over normal) even when I don't feel sick. Almost always feel hungry and I can eat a LOT of food. (May just be that my stomach is stretched out.)

I can almost completely rule out diabetes. I have had a urine test from the doctor and my dad is diabetic and occasionally will test me with his meter with perfectly normal results. I do not have high blood pressure either. I have many issues with my feet and Achilles tendons that I'm not going to get into and have had 2 surgeries on each foot with no complications.) I have asthma but in the last few years it has been under control and I take Albuterol as needed, which is maybe once every two months or so.

I know that's a lot and I'm sorry, but I'd really like some help.

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  • Have you seen a doctor yet? They may need to rule out PCOS. (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) Which can be related to weight gain.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2007
    • 02:22 PM
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  • Have your doctor check you for polycystic ovary disease. My friend had all of these symp. for years. She was placed on glucophage and is doing so much better. Even lost some weight. Good Luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2007
    • 02:49 PM
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  • You have alot of symptoms of Cushings disease. You need to have your cortisol levels checked. Try visiting www.cushings-help.com for more info. Good luck...
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2007
    • 06:22 PM
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