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excess body hair??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2007
  • 11:13 PM

hi! ok im a 19year old female and i've got a bit of a problem with excessive body hair...i suppose i've always had more body hair than my friends but in the past 6months or so (i think!) i've noticed it getting worse...or am i noticing more, or am i being paranoid - i just dont know!!
i've got olive skin and very dark hair, so i know my body hair is going to be more noticable than fairer girls... but i have hair in between my breasts, a bit round my nipples, around my navel and down to my groin, upper back (from nape of neck and down middle of back) lower back, and also kinda on my cheeks and cheekbones...i have faint hair on my belly and breasts but i think thats normal (really fine and blond...thats normal right??).....the hair i was talking about is fine but it is dark and i can see it - i dont know if other people notice but i do - i feel like a freak to be perfectly honest! i dont know what to do - am i worrying about nothing? its not coarse hair so maybe im making a mountain out of a molehill....but it is dark and it is there - its getting to me.
i know its a ridiculous think to do but iv tried waxing and epilating the hair on my cheeks (to be honest i think i may be being a bit silly there, it is faint) but that just brings me out in spots. i even tried waxing (how ridiculous!) and epilating the area from the nape of my neck down my back, but that is more or less impossible (as if it was ever gonna be easy!) and also brought me out in spots, which i was stupid and picked, so i have some scars as well now! i have epilated and waxed and a couple of times even shaved the hairs on my belly but its not ideal as i fing i get some hairs ingrown or coarser around my navel. i would never let my boyfriend touch my stomach in case he could feel the hair or the little scabs where id picked an ingrown hair. i wont wear vests or any tops that are low at the back or wear my hair up because im embarassed....i know the hair is fine but if i can see it so must other people.
i dont know what to do now - is this hirsutism? do i need to get tested for polycystic ovaries or have my thyroid tested? do i need to just get over it? is this just because of my olive skin and dark hair? should i just get laser hair removal or electrolysis - if so which is best?
wow that was a bit of a long rant eh?! but pleeeeeeeeeeease help, i dont know what to do, and im too embarassed to talk to my family or friends

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  • polycystic ovary or excess testosterone
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  • You should see an endocrinologist if you are concerned that it is health related.
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  • Start with a good endocrinologist, who will see whether your problem is hormonal. It could be that, it could be cysts in your ovaries or even a side effect of losing too much weight. Hormonal problems that lead to excessive hair are usually treated with contraceptives. Your androgens are probably elevated. By the way, where do you come from? Excessive hair is very common around the Mediterranean where I live, Italy, Greece, Spain etc. It is the genetic making of people. If you have a talk with a good endocrinologist, s/he will probably tell you that if you are predisposed to have excessive hair and that has no pathology underlying it, expensive treatments at salons will probably do nothing. There is no such thing as permanent results if that is the way you are "made". Waxing is probably the best kind of epilation, you will see that your hair will get finer over time.All the best in this uneven battle!!!;)
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  • Also, have a hot shower before depilating with wax-it opens the pores and makes hair removal easier & less painful. Use body scrubs so that dead cells are removed from the areas with hair and you don't get ingrown hair.
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  • I remember what it was like to be a teen hence I wonder if you are being just self conscious as you are dark and many dark skinned people do have dark hair which can stand out. I firstly suggest that you firstly go and see your Medical practiioner and ask him/her if you have a lot of body hair. He'll tell you if he thinks your body hair is abnormal and if it is abnormal.. he/she then can do hormone blood test. If you have Polycystic ovary syndrome it does cause hirsutism but you would have long menstrational cycles. I have PCOS and have 42/43+ day cycles with it. If you are getting normal length cycles, you should be able to cross that off your list of possibilities.
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