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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 8, 2007
  • 06:28 PM

Im a 19 year old male who has been having physical issues. Over the past year I've been having light headedness (2-3 times a week) with a common pressure on the forebrain and hindbrain (more so the forebrain).

Originally this was thought to be tied to low levels of electrolytes, as I am on sports and work out quite conistantly. This lightheadedness also coincided with my fourth concussion that I've suffered.

Additionally, I've been having issues with fatigue where I would wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep and be alert and quite productive for the first 30 minutes and then hit complete exaustion mentally and shortly afterwards, physically. This includes yawning, inability to concentrate, and wanting to sleep.

After these issues I had a blood test and found my creatine phosphatase was up around 330 (i think the normal range is 100-200?) which was thought to be due to the cause that I've overstressed my self constantly with rugby 2-3 times week and the gym 2-3 times week. With that, I dont think creatine supplements directly affect the enzyme although I have taken these supplement which I have keep me going for a short time (ie. caffine, etc... in these supplements). Additionally Ive stopped large intakes of caffiene (such as coffee and such) over the past 6 months thinking it was dependancy, and kept it around 0-200mg of caffeine a day.

The last issue that I have is that my blood pressure is out of nominal ranges sometimes with a systolic around 144 and a diastolic around 50 (at the same time), although my pulse is good around 55-60.

Right now I'm unsure if I should take another bloodtest, although Ive recently had a CAT Scan and seemed to have a small section of denser matter in my frontal lobe but it was shaken off as a misreading by the scanner. Also I'm thinking about getting a glucose tolerence test for the possible onset of diabetes. Does anyone know of anything that could explain the above symptoms?


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  • Stop getting concussions! Stop whatever sport you are doing that causes them. Look up contra-coup injuries. This is what happens with "shaken baby syndrome". Basically your brain becomes damaged on the opposite side of the trauma. Also, veterans are returning from Iraq with repetive blast or concussive injuries and they've found that brain damage is accelerated if there are multiple concussions. And the damage is irrepairable.
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  • I know! Thats why I'm quitting rugby once my season ends (2 weeks) although I've been dodging all unnecessary hitting drills. I've learned about that as well, but would that really cause the exaustion in stages, right after wakeup?
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  • We'll keep our fingers crossed for the next two weeks, but you are playing with fire. Tell your doctor that you are having unexplained tiredness right after you wake up. Do you eat breakfast?
    rad-skw 1605 Replies
    • August 10, 2007
    • 10:52 AM
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