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Episodic skin flaking on face

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  • Posted By: newt_sr
  • December 4, 2006
  • 08:06 AM

I haven't been able to find any information that accurately describes my symptoms. I've been to a dermatologist and several general practitioners with no success. Mostly, but not always, every thirty days (about) my skin gets tender on my face in the moustache area and on my chin (front).
Oddly, my first sign that this is going to happen is that I get an itching inside my nose. I get dry, tender patches inside my nasal passages (no further than half an inch inside). Sometimes this is accompanied with a tenderness in my scalp. When I place my hand on the hair on my head, the skin is tender at the base of the hairs. This will last a day or so and then I get real tender skin on my face (in the areas described). Then I get heavy flaking. The flaking area seems to be oily in nature but dry flakes. This has been happening repeatedly for the last three years. It is painful and unsightly. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
An added note, I was diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2 around five years ago. I hope this isn't related. Herpes of the face...sheesh. I have never shown any symptoms (herpes) on my face (type 1) and my type 2 symptoms occur rarely (@ 1 1/2 years).

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  • You may check out seborea, a skin disorder that cause skin to flake, but is also oily at same time. It is characterized by these areas being on certain parts of your body as follows: around outer edges of scalp, eyebrows, around side edges of nose, can be in your ears and under your arms. It doesn't have to be in all those places at same time, but it does not occur anywhere else on your body. Treatment: Harsh medicine from your doctor. Or, Enzymes from lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I've not tried enzymes in pill form, but they may work as well. Strangely enough, milk (applied with cotton ball) applied area two or three times a day until cleared up and then once a day forever more, unless you do the enzme diet. Must wash hair every day.Just try it to rule out seborea. Doctors misdiagnosed my brother who has it too. Works great if you are consistant with treatment. Best Wishes!
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    • December 7, 2006
    • 04:23 PM
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  • I have this same exact problem!! In my moustache, chin and nose I get that skin flaking problem. It even develops into a kind of stingy itchy, rash. It comes and goes, I've had this issue for a few years. Have you found out what the cause is? Also I've been ill for awhile now, I saw on a thread your husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. Could you please take a look at my thread "It's like ***l on earth" in (undiagnosed) Do any of my symptoms match his? The doctors cannot find out what's wrong with me. Thank You in advance for any help God Bless:)
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  • It sounds like seborrheic dermatitis mixed with some sort of allergy to something. If you have HSV too, I would say see if L-Lysine will help it at all, don't go nuts taking a whole bunch, just 1 or 2 a day and give it about a week to see if it helps. Then move to trying to eliminate certain classes of foods or some activity,Is there something you celebrate or a task you do just once a month that might kick up an allergy? Or an activity you do with a group, a place you meet once a month? A special dinner? Look at those and see if you can find something unusual there that kicks it up. It sounds like a mixed bag to me. Docs want just one nice clean thing to find; life just ain't that easy! I have a list of syndrome type diagnoses that is staggering, but you need a smart doc like mine to figure that out. Try to find an osteopath, a good internist or "gatekeeper" who is a diagnostician. If they don't listen to you, inspect you all over, touch, poke, prod, etc., they aren't in there to diagnose you; they're there to pick up a fee. IMO DOs are more holistic and have physician training, they are the same as a MD but they seem to look at the complexities of life a little better most of the time. Best of luck to you, it is hard having weird stuff that no one knows anything about. I notice some docs even seem to get angry at patients like us. Probably they're angry that they don't have an answer, but that doesn't help the feeling that they're blaming the patient. Often they are too.:p
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  • I find sometimes anti-fungal creme for athletes food will call it away nicely.
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