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Episodes of double vision growing more frequent

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 12, 2008
  • 03:27 AM

I came across this forum while trying to so a little research about a problem I'm having. I figured it couldn't hurt to post a question and see if anyone might have an idea as to what is going on while I decide if I should go to my doctor with this.

For the past year or so, I have experienced very infrequent ( once every month or two) episodes of double vision. The past two months they have been coming slightly more frequently, maybe once a week... but then three times this week alone, once yesterday and twice today.

What happens is suddenly, without warning, I have double vision. Not blurry at all, crystal clear.. I just see two of everything. Closing one eye, I can see fine, but with both eyes open, my vision is doubled. It lasts typically 5- 10 minutes, and is accompanied by mild headache.

Today I took some time to investigate a little while it was happening. Looking in the mirror, my eyes didnt appear to be crossed or misaligned (although I guess I wasnt exactly seeing very clearly). Also, when I looked with both eyes as far right as I could, things were a bit more normal. As I looked with both eyes back to center then towards the left, the double vision returned. Also, in the full right position seeing pretty normally, closing each eye and comparing what I saw with each eye, everything was in the same spot. To the left, there was a very noticeable difference as to where an object appeared in my field of vision between each eye. (hope i didnt confuse you!)

So, if you are still with me, thats what has been happening?

any thoughts?

Oh.. a little background:


I'm 37 year old male with uncontrolled high blood pressure. I take lots of meds, but seldom are my readings below high or severe. My doctor has been working for years to try to get it under control. I have had 3 procedures for a blocked femoral artery (femoral bypass, angioplasty, then ilio-femoral bypass), but the rest of my arteries all appear to be in good shape, although my blood seems to be a little sticky with all this blocked artery nonsense at my age (the problem was at the same spot each time).

Thats it

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  • I am not sure about the vision. In my case, I tend to get double vision at night when my eyes are tired. I also had a double vision problem when my hormones were out of whack (I am female:p), and also when my glasses prescription was off and when I had certain medications..... The high blood pressure is a worry....This might be a bit off your topic, but I don't know your cholesterol count, but I wonder if Omega-3 may help? You can research this a bit but for my OWN case I took a cholesterol test and my bad cholesterol was high(not too high but...) and my good was low. I took Omega-3 for one month and tested again...the bad was about the same but the GOOD (HDL right?) was really high! Now, I have read that having high good is better than having low bad (if you have to choose)...I was able to find a Omega-3 that is Cholesterol free (I did not even know that omega-3 woudl EVER have chlesterol in it but apparently it does).... ANYWAY, of course you would want to ask your doctor, but do you think this supplement might help your blood and blood pressure issues? It is easy to get and try. I use Super Omega-3 Natural Fish Oil 1000mg softgels from Vitamin World from online order. I am sure there are many others just as good as well. Maybe this will help you a bit.
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  • It sounds like you need to be seen by a neurologist to get to the root of the problem.I don't mean to alarm you, but this could be transient ischemic attacks related to the hypertenstion. Or it could also be something like myesthenia gravis or multiple sclerosis. A neurologist should be able to figure this out for you.Best Wishes.
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  • What're the symptoms of high blood pressure?High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms. Even if high blood pressure does cause symptoms, the symptoms are usually mild and nonspecific (vague, or suggesting many different disorders). Thus, high blood pressure often is labeled "the silent killer." People who have high blood pressure typically don't know it until their blood pressure is measured. Sometimes people with high blood pressure have symptoms including headache, dizziness, blurred vision and nausea.That is one possibility and there are others. In order to get the correct diagnosis, you'll need to be seen by both a neurologist and an ophthalmologist. There are some conditions which describe your symptoms, the uncontrolled hypertension, diplopia - double vision (transient - meaning not all the time), and headache.One of these conditions is called Idiopathic intracranial hypertension.Here's some links for it:It can be associated with other conditions and they list them.http://www.merck.com/mmpe/sec16/ch216/ch216c.htmlhttp://www.neurology.org/cgi/content/full/70/11/861?cookietest=yesOf course, there could be other causes of your symptoms too.
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  • Hey, thanks everyone for taking the time to share your thoughts. Everything has been fine since that day I posted, no problems. I guess it could just be that my blood pressure was particularly high that day, I do get other eye problems now and then when my bp spikes... ocular migraines. I get all the blank spots and colors, the aura that passes slowly through your vision when you have a migraine, except in my case, I luckily don't get the headaches, just the blind spots and colors, thus it is termed ocular migraine. The double vision thing though... just bizarre. So sharp and clear, just doubled, like each eye was seeing for itself and delivering separate messages that remained unmerged. It was neither fleeting, nor vague. Two perfect images for 10 minutes. Just BEEEEzarre! Anyway, I guess this new problem might be something similar to the ocular migraine thing, maybe not. I believe I have an appointment in a few weeks anyway, so I will definitely mention this to Doc when I see him.
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  • Hello....I know this original post started a long time ago...but I have the exact same symptoms. I googled my symptoms and this came up. I hope you are still on this forum and can talk to me about what is going on with you now and if anyone diagnosed you!!!!!
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    • September 17, 2014
    • 09:32 PM
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