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Enlarged lymph nodes for a long time

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 30, 2007
  • 03:29 PM

Last summer (2006) I developed a neck myositis that was accompanied by enlarged nodes on both sides of the neck (posterior triangle), painful. They went away in a while, but reappeared in September after a cold. As my doctor said they were tender and soft. Later they reduced, but do not completely go away for 7 months already. Blood test was normal in December. Throat swab revealed candida, which was treated. The next one revealed staphylococcus aureus, but the followup did not show it again, thus, it has not been treated. I has a flu in April, during which two more lymph nodes enlarged near the old ones, but the new ones disappeared later, while the old ones stay. I also saw a specialist, as I have staffed nose and constant nosal drip on the back of the throat for 4 months. She said all I have is an over active lymphoid tissue all over my nose, throat and even tongue (enlarged small lymph nodes there + enlarged tonsils). However, she did not give me any treatment. I do not have fever and rarely have night sweats. However, the lymph nodes are still enlarged (they get smaller, then get larger again, particularly, after the doctor touches them), occasionally painful and always uncomfortable and tense. Lymph nodes on the back of the throat and in the mouth often get painful and tense as well as all the whole lymph-nodes area on the right side of the neck (where the bigger node is). I have also lost a lot of hair, and my cycle got longer in the last 4 months (from normal 27 days to occasional 32). I had HIV test last summer, and it was negative. Mono is negative as well as toxoplasm. and cytomegalovirus. I do not have any STD. Doctors say the nodes are not large enough to do a biopsy. This year was very stressful for me. I am panicing. What could it be? Why all lymphnodes are over active? Could it be cancer? I never in my life had enlarged nodes before the last summer and now I have them for 7 months and doctors do not know what it is. Which other tests can be done? My doctor offered neck ultrasound - can it show anything? I'd be very greatful for any advice.

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  • painful swollen lymph nodes, fungal infections(candida) staph aureus(secondary infection) flus nasal discharge, night sweats, hair loss change in menstration, negative HIV test??? Every sx you listed is an ME sx go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com write down every sx you have...all of yours are there all of them good luck and let me know...I'm hearing from people all over the country with similar sx it's viral, contagious and at this point could be of an epidemic proportion...PLEASE check it out, seriously...mommy cat
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