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enlarged lymph in neck and chest and rash on legs ???? please help.

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  • April 6, 2007
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i'm a teen and have had a severe rash on my legs for months now ( over 4 months ). the rash is only on the legs. starts from the foot area ( top of foot) and goes up to the knee. a little rash on the thigh, but really tiny. the rash on the rest of the leg is quite bad. it feels tender if you touch or press on it, and its a sort of red/purple colour. it is raised on the skin and some bits are sort of in patches. very itchy. so far the doctor ive seen has ignored the rash all together and says its not important which is forcing me to relieve the itch by improvising and applying various creams: eucerin ( both cream and sometimes the soothing spray- helped a little,not much ) also used fucidin cream, again helped a little more than eucerin but not much. calamine cream has helped the most.

i also had a very bad chest infection that wouldn't shift. stayed for about 2-3 months on and off. antibiotics help clear the 'heavy' feeling on the chest, but i still have a cough, mostly a dry cough but sometimes alittle flem ( not green anymore though).

about a month ago i found a little lymph on my neck ( above collar bone ). it was about 2 cm then ( ct scan says ) but now i think it feels smaller.

i also have an enlarged lymph in my chest ( also from ct scan ). before i had the scan done, they said the shadow in the x ray was a ches infection, but now apparently it's the lymph.

the ct scan shows some sort of scar or something on the lung. they said that could be because the lymph is pressing on the lung, but i'm not convinced ( the doctor isn't very good ).

i've lost a bit of weight, mainly because i'm not eating very much, so its not unexplained weight loss. i sleep a lot. but to be honest i slept a fair bit before i felt unwell so its not that unusual. although it is more now.

when the symptoms started i had very severe pains in my left side. thought it was the heart, but apparently not. lthough the echo shows i have fluid around the heart. but the doctor says its ok ( sure he would, its not his heart ).

but, the pain in the chest has now gone. before it was so bad i had to take co codamol almost every day. i now think the pain could have been a combination of pain in the sholder bone ( it sticks out a little ).

a few years ago ( about 5 ) i was told i have athritis in both knees ( because of the pain i have in them ) sometimes they're stiff. not always so bad though.

so....all in all.... not sure what i have.

what do you think is the most likely option. please be honest !

any help/advice will be appreciated.

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  • Hi, You are a teen and have arthritis and now a rash. My bet would be Lyme disease and its coinfections. Strange the dr is ignoring the rash thats so big. My tick bite was purpleish and not the usual target one. The lung thing could be sarciodis, with the scarring and cough, its sometimes with Lyme.Look around there and you will see a big list of symptoms. Best wishes to you. ~~Dee, Check out this link, there are several teens there too. lymenet.org
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  • im not a doctor but that sound like a form of sarcoidosis.
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  • sounds like sarcoidosis
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  • Look up "Fifth's Disease"
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  • hi,thanks for writing back. looked up lyme disease and fifth disease..... seems unlikely, but i'll look into it.if anyone else has any suggestions please reply to my message.i need all the advice i can get.is there a doctor somewhere in this message board ??? would be good to have your opinion, please.
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  • any doctors out there please ???????
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  • Go to an oncologist and run all this by him or her to get another opinion.
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  • hello,it's me again. i've been checking this site almost every day but no one else seems to reply to this posting.please help me get some ideas about what it is i have.i have now found out i also have a high white blood cell count ( although it has gone down in the past 5 weeks but is still high ).the sed level is also high at 80, so i have inflamation, not sure where.chest x ray looks a little worse than 5 weeks ago, there are some white 'shadows' on the left side, not sure what they are.please reply, any suggestions, please.
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  • You had a chest CT right? Maybe you should get an MRI taken instead, or another chest CT, with contrast because those shadows need to be investigated if doctors don't know what they are. An elevated ESR rate usually tests for athritis. Maybe you need to see a rhumatologist.
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  • yes i did have a ct scan.it was with contrast. about the athritis, i do have it in my knees.... it that likely to be the ONLY cause of such a high sed rate ? or could it be something else too ?are there more than one lymph gland in the chest ?could the other shadows be lymph glands too ?the first 'gland' or shadow that was seen 5 weeks ago was sort of in the middle of the chest.... but the other shadow, or 2 lymphs looks more like its inside the left lung, or if it's a lymph could be right on top of the lung. is that possible ?as you can see a few people on here suggested sarcoidosis.....i've looked it up and symptoms do seem to be alike....but.... do you think it could be hodgkin's rahter than sarcoidosis ?what are the chances ?please help
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  • Hi there, I was just doing some online research on my own ailment and found this post. I have had a congested chest and cough for about 3-4 weeks now and last week a really bad, red, itchy rash formed on my lower legs. Cortisone cream and antihistamines didn't help, so the doctor put me on an IV of cortisone, which didn't work, so then I had 2 cortisone shots and was put on strong antibiotics. The anti biotics seemed to do the trick, until the rash came back this week just as I neared the end of my prescription! I'd love to know what your final diagnosis was, to see if I can point my doctors in any direction?
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    • February 12, 2008
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