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  • February 29, 2008
  • 05:01 AM

I have been diagnosed w/ endometriosi since i was 17 and now am 32. i have never been able to bear children. I have pains every month during menstration which are excrutiating.. and yes people tell me having a baby is worse, but not sure.
these pains are stabing in the back and in my hip areas, they push down to the groin as well. after my period ends i am naseau and have pains in my pelvic and in mykidney flank area. the obgyn did a recent vag ultrasound and says im now endo. free - hard to believe if all the pain is still there. the periods are heavy and last 9 days with the end being very dark /black blood. my body hormones go thru extreme ups and downs due to all of this and at times feeling pregnant but than the next per. comes along and its business as usuall.
help if you can think of any options to recommend - any natural rememdies - chineese methodologies what ever to help , ive tried yoga, accupuncture, working out changing the diet it all . pain keeps getting worse and no sign of pregnancy..

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  • I had my uterus and left ovary removed due to endometriosis and the excruciating pain, and I recently learned I have microwave sickness, something most US doctors don't believe in - but doctors in other countries are sure taking notice. The reason this relates is because your body is evidently not getting the appropriate signals to produce hormones in the correct amounts crucial for the placement and breakdown of endometrial tissue. The tissue is basically growing wherever and however it wishes. In my case, I had endometrial tissue on top of my bladder and some around my appendix - not too much on my uterus and ovaries at the time - but that was years ago - who knows now? If you do have microwave sickness, it will get worse, so research the health effects of chronic exposure to electromagnetic and microwave fields now. The Bioinitiative Report below is a good place to start. Do you have Microwave/EMR Sickness? http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/MLqvR8GaZldTPvsXLf1-4gU0LwqA1kYRuSE-VAw9XhO62B0j6NAn2yQVmBOGEPMVURb8vJp8xVS8z1HsPHE-w4wlPRYN6b3JvQ/Do%20You%20Have%20Microwave%20Sickness.pdf Electrical Sensitivity & Hypersensitivity: http://www.ei-resource.org/illness-information/related-conditions/electrical-sensitivity-&-hypersensitivity/ Bioinitiative Report: http://www.bioinitiative.org/report/index.htm ***********t.. stop posting this crap
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  • If the doctor says you no longer have endometriosis, maybe you were misdiagnoed the first time...? Maybe you have an ovarian cyst.
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  • Only a laparoscopy can rule endometriosis in or out. Go to one of the yahoo endometriosis boards to get the name of an endo specialist in your area.
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  • I am 33yrs old and had to have a hysterectomy at 29yrs old due to severe endo. My husband and I tried for 6 yrs to have children. We did invetro twice and inseminations several more times. I was not able to bare children. I did get pregnant by the first invetro and then I started spotting and loss it. This is not to discourage you in anyway. I have a beautiful daughter in which we adopted when she was 13 days old. God sees our hearts desires and He knows what is best for us. Endo can be very dangerous if it spreads so becareful. I had a great doctor in Gulf Breeze Fl who many upon many women became pregnant. And once they placed my beautiful daughter in my arms it was as if I had her. I feel like a woman today because I am not always in that horrible pain that use to hurt me 3weeks out of a month. I pray Gods healing on your life first. I use to read Hannah in the Bible all the time. Stay strong and May God Bless you.
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