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Emotions and Pain

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  • Posted By: Eatafruit78
  • May 1, 2007
  • 07:11 AM

From Mercola.com

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
Your emotional state plays a role in nearly every physical disease.
Even the conservative government public health agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that 85 percent of all diseases have an emotional element. I believe it is much higher. Nearly every doctor will confirm this and tell you that anxiety and stress are the primary reasons why most people get sick.
It can lead to or worsen conditions ranging from heart disease to depression to arthritis.
Your mind has an enormous influence over what you perceive -- and deserves far more credit than you likely give it. In many ways this is simply another variant of the power of intention. We typically tend to manifest in our lives what we put our focus and attention on.
Most of us tend to focus on pain, misery and grief so we tend to experience more of that in our life. If we focus on what we want to experience and put some energy into healthy lifestyle choices, your body really doesn't have much of a choice.
Before you know it you will start to feel much better. Quite simply, it's one of the most amazing and remarkable transformations that you could possibly imagine.
Go ahead and take a leap of faith and try it.
You may recall an article I wrote last fall about the power of the mind and how it contributes to the healing of rheumatoid arthritis. This interesting study conducted in the UK looks at how arthritis pain is directly connected to the part of your brain that processes fear and distress. The medial pain system includes the cingulate cortex, amygdala and thalamus, all of which are heavily involved in your emotional state.
All the more reason to learn the Emotional Freedom Technique, a needle-free, energy psychology tool that uses the very same meridians as acupuncture to get a better handle on your emotions and pain.

I have the impression that The Emotional Freedom Technique is also called The Tapping Cure"; they might just be in the same family with JMT- and a distant relative of NAET.
Has anyone tried it?

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  • anxiety and stress break down your immune system opening you up to much disease that your body can't fight...I believe emotions and stress do contribute to illness. How do you live a life without emotions or stress?? It's virtually impossibel...Eatafruit...I see what you are saying here...I'm a woman(emotional) and a nurse (stressed) see what I mean...there's really no way of getting around it...I understand there are techniques for helping with emotions and stress but like I said, it's virtually impossible to avoid it especially in this day and age...Thanks so much for the info...You are so good at putting this stuff out there...it does not go unappreciated...mommy cat
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  • Just another quick note...we manifest in our lives what we focus on...I've been a nurse fro a long time...I have focused on illness but never my own...Never thought of it...Guess I figured I always took proper precautions as to not "catch" anything...I'm ill now and it's not because I've focused my life on my pain or on myself getting ill...I don't believe that people focus on being sick and get that way...I do believe there are people who are weaker than others (physically and mentally) and these people are more open to disease...survival of the fittest again...Darwin really was on to something...don't you think???
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  • Actually- people think very little about themselves before they get sick- that is why they get sick. I can personally asure you that right before I colapsed I had very little to do with my own emotions, likes, dislikes, or desires. I was operating on the " I have to do this, I have to do that, I don't have time for anything but this and that" mode.I was not thinking about being sick and pampered by my spouse- I was just in a frantic never ending spiral of self criticism and compliance.I actually felt that " I could not stop for death" and heck, this one teased me about stopping for me :p.When Darwin talked about survival of the fittest he was really talking about random characteristics that happened to be advantageous. That's why I dare to say that we are all perfect because we do the best we can with what we have. We are not weak or strong- we use what we've got.So bring to you all those virtues and characteristics that ar emore advantageous and positive for your life. On the other hand we have to unload all the bad habits that are not advantageous- the ones that makes us "weak".Mommy Cat, I have to go to school today, to present a project that was due back in December.See ya around!
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  • While reading Deb Shapiro's "Your Body Speaks your Mind"- I came across the Neuropeptide research let by Dr. Candance Pert (Molecules of Emotion).Dr. Pert appeared in that movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?", that our friend Curly Stoodge here, mentioned in one of his posts.I almost agree with her- except on the fact that We don't create our own reality- we are Co-creators. If you don't believe me, ask the people in Darfur if they created or deserve what has happened to them.http://www.candacepert.com/She is working on an HIV vaccine-*************************I thought I would now ask people to give me their input on what kind of food they feel like eating (and make them feel better) when they are sick.I personally love Miso Soup when I feel tired or comming down with a cold.I also feel like leafy greens must be the foundation of my diet. When I eat them daily I experience an overall pattern of energy and optimism.Right now I am snacking on a Daikon Radish, raw and with sea salt for extra crispiness.
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  • http://www.whatthebleep.com/scientists/#Emoto
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  • Hey Curly- sorry, but it sounds like "What the bleep" was made by the followers of a cult that workship a demon like creature- 35,000 year old spirit that lives inside a woman.Weird- :eek:
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  • http://www.phayul.com/Index.aspxA great radio station over the internet. I love listening to the music- it is very peaceful and since I do not understand the language, it helps me to meditate.I wanted to share it- together with my favorite tea brandYogi Tea :)http://www.yogitea.com/
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  • Fruity...thanks for the music link...and the tea...love both what are you studying in school?mommy cat
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