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Embarrasing Diarrhea problems

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  • Posted By: kenman2626
  • March 8, 2009
  • 02:55 AM

I've had Diarrhea problems for many years now, at least 5 or so. At least I think it's a problem but maybe it's the same for everyone but to be honest I'm too embarrassed to ever ask. I can be perfectly fine then it suddenly hits, when this happens there are usually about 3 stages where it gets worse and worse but in all my limit can be anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes. Usually this is fine but tonight it wasn't as it started just as I was getting onto a bus and 15 minutes later I had to get off the bus and find some bushes. I get the impression that most people have up to a hour or more when they first have the urge to go or maybe 15-20 minutes is normal? I usually get this several times a week but as I say usually I'm fine as a restroom in near by.

Could anyone give me their thoughts on what could cause such long serving problems? I have a good diet, not much junk etc

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  • While you say you have a good diet, some foods may be causing this despite being healthy for you. It can be a hassle but try and keep a food diary and see if you can pin point any triggers. The other thought here is IBS. Talk with your doctor about running some basic tests which may help you find the answers and a treatment. Best wishes.Sammyhttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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  • I've had this problem before....for years, actually. I finally went to a gastroenterologist who really helped me. They had to do a stool sample, which is kinda gross but can rule in or out many problems that causes diarrhea. I also had to have a colonoscopy...which isn't as bad as it sounds. They give you relaxing meds for it. In my case I wound up being diagnosed as having a spastic colon...part of having IBS. I would just 'empty' too soon for it to form properly. I now take a medicine called dicyclomine that fixes it right up. Fantastic med, no side effects for me. And...I no longer have to worry about where the next toilet is. I've never liked taking meds for anything (not even a Tylenol), but I'm willing to do it to 'cure' this. Get a referral from your PCP (many insurances require referral) to go see a Gastroenterologist. They can help, they deal with this all the time. No, it's not 'normal' to not have diarrhea all the time and not have so little warning--although it is common. There is help out there, you don't have to just live with this.Oh, one more thing....I never found a connection with my diet (I diet-journaled for almost a year), but I did connect it with stress. Anytime I would get even mildly stressed, it would get worse. Thought you should know my connection; maybe stress is a trigger for you too.
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