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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, dermographism, neuropathic pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 27, 2010
  • 02:49 PM

My name is joao and I’m 35 years old and healthy until now.
I did a MRI (magnetic ressonance – 3 T) exam to my cervical, without contrast.

After this exam, I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with a burning sensation all over my back. I looked in the mirror and my back and shoulders were full of wrinkles (depressions). It seemed like a dermographism (Pressure urticaria) but with a burning sensation associated (a kind of mechanical /dynamic allodynia). I asked my wife to take a picture:


(I know this is the marks of the sheets, but I never ever had the skin so sensitive, and this are depressions)

I also had a strange “diarreha” and my hair and genitals burn for some months.

After 7 months this kind of “allergy” is still here. Every time I brush or make pressure to my body, there are these depressions on my skin and this burning sensation. I consulted a dermatologist and I tried Zyrtek but it didn’t work, and my levels of histamine are all right after a blood analysis.

I’m afraid the MRI damaged my small nerve fiber in the skin. Do you think I could suffer from nerve damage? And due to that am I now suffering from Neuropathic Pain? How can I know what the MRI did to me? I’m very worried…

I surfed the net and saw a lot of people complaining about sensory/burning feelings after doing MRIs. I also got acquainted with something called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity as an emerging illness, which now I’m afraid I suffer from. And maybe this is the cause of many idiopathic skin allergies or other kind of illness.

Thus, I was wondering if you could help me solving this mystery, because no DRs can, or don’t care about it. In fact, nobody seems to care, not even the place where I did the MRI. The hospital (Hospital da Luz – Lisbon) says they follow FDA guidelines, and it’s all. Everybody always says MRIs don’t do anything to one’s body.
Is there something I can do? How can I make this allergic reaction go away? How can I know what damage it made to my body? Does an allergic reaction necessary means that there was tissue damage?

If OMS recognize that there is a disease called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity why aren’t people warned about it before doing MRIs?

Please help me. I have a small baby that needs a healthy father.

Thank you,


PS: I did an EMG which turned out to be normal and have no disease that can justify this kind of burning sensation/Neuropathic pain on my body. It all started with the MRI.
PS2: Is there any forum created specificaly for this ilness? Or entity I could file a complaint?

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