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  • Posted By: medleslie
  • April 15, 2008
  • 03:48 AM

Hi everyone. I am looking for some help.

I have a 22 month old boy. From birth he has been diagnosed with eczema. He is on his 4th doctor. All of his doctors have told me the standard: he has eczema, cover him in vaseline and keep him well lotioned. I have been doing that for almost 2 years now and he is so bad now. He has open wounds all over him and wont stop scratching. (His daycare wont even let him come back until he is better.) The medicated creams the doctors are giving me for the wounds are no longer working and vaseline does nothing to ease the itching.

On top of all that he has other problems. His nose has been running for months now. He was sick every other week this past winter. He has had runny stool ever since birth. He has had several ear infections.

I am thinking a milk allergy at this point. I am just so fustrated at this point. I need some advice of where to go next. My baby is in so much pain.

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  • Hi, I might have a solution for you. Recently I have been exposed to a brand of products through my studies (I'm studying marketing & we have to sell products for a sales subject). The company is called Annique, they are a direct selling company in South Africa, the founder - Annique Theron - stumbled upon rooibos as a remedy for her child's ailments in the late 1960's. Since then she has developed a extensive product range based on rooibos tea & its extracts - they have produced everything from baby care to specialised teas, skin care, body care, make-up, sun protection & even cellulite treatment. My sister was also born with eczema, & my mother has also been to many specialists & tried many creams. My sister is now a teenager & i started the 1st phase of my project last year. Being supportive of me, my mother decided to purchase a product that promised relief of eczema & other skin problems like rashes, grass burns, insect bites etc. & we truly were amazed when we saw an improvment of her skin in 3 days. The product is called ResQue Creme & you can find it on the Annique website along with a baby care range that is well suited for sensitive babies + the baby soap smells gorgeous. Hoping that this helps you God BlessJerrie
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  • I agree with food allergies. Possibly celiac disease. Have your baby tested. It's a simple blood test.
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  • I too have a 20 month old son with the same problem. It is on the tops of his hands, tops of his feet, calves, and around the hairline on his face. In all honesty, the best thing that I have found (which worked better than the elidel and mometasone furoate solution that the Dr prescribed) is a cream that I bought at wal-mart. It is called Baby Eczema Cream by Gentle Naturals. It has Pooh and Piglet on the front. He is never 100% clear, but it is a major improvment of where he was at 6 months. I like you feel like this is an allergy to something, but so far, I cannot get our Dr to refer him to an allergist. Also, I have noticed that the sun seems to aggravate the rash, so I try to keep him inside until after 3 or so, and always make sure that he has on a hat.
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  • Eczema is an outward manifestation of an internal imbalance. You will never get this under control with topical treatments, never! Please find a good naturopath, homeopath, or especially NAET practitioner to help you. NAET is Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques, and is a noninvasive and very effective technique for diagnosing and clearing allergies to foods, nutrients, environmental and other. www.naet.com for more info and to find a practitioner near you. What does your son eat on a daily basis? What does he drink? You are right to think of milk allergy - dairy can cause all of his symptoms. Celiac or wheat/gluten intolerance is another factor. Again NAET can determine what exactly he is having difficulties with. Or you can just put him on a very restrictive diet. Keep in mind that if he has gluten intolerance and is using a topical cream with oatmeal (VERY commonly used for eczema) this can make his symptoms worse. Check labels very carefully. Plain olive oil is good to use. Vaseline is terrible. Also try pure lanolin. A good aloe product is called Herbal Aloe Force skin gel - this is fantastic if you can find it! Topical solutions are always a temporary fix for most skin disorders. Please research NAET or visit a good holistic doc to help you get to the bottom of this. Western allopathic medicine just doesn't treat this well IME. Best wishesDOM
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  • It would be great if you could get allergy testing done. Sun works for some people, although someone above said it did not work for their little one. I do think you have to watch the ingredients for food categories that may be of concern. I have patches in winter and olive oil works for me. For the areas that are open sores, I would tray some type of triple antibiotic cream, as infection is a concern. Hopefully you will find relief for your little one soon.
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  • Did you ever get an answer to your eczema problem?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 25, 2009
    • 03:29 PM
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