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Ear popping/cracking, post-nasal drip, tonsillitis, blurred vision.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 26, 2010
  • 02:03 PM

OK - I was ill at the start of Setpember, I had a fever and headache pressure in my sinuses and blurred vision. I self-diagnosed myself as having Sinusitis from Googling my symptoms. I saw a couple of doctors who advised I didn't have sinusitis and to get an eye test. I got an eye tes - perfect vision. Two doctors I saw said blurred vision is not a symptom of Sinusitis, even though there are tons of web pages if you just Google it.

I went back to the doctor who spoke to a specialist who said it could be sinus related. They did not give me any medication, just told me to 'see how it goes'. Since then, my vision has pretty much got back to normal. However, i now have a problem with my left ear which keeps popping and crackling and feels like theres fluid in there. I have also had a constant post-nasal drip for the last 2 weeks. Last week I contracted tonsilitis (white spots on tonsils) - i rang to make an appointment with my doctor to get some antibiotics, the doctor rang me back himself and refused to give me any antibiotics and just suggested home remedies like steaming and gargling salt water.

The tonsilitis seems to have cleared, however, i still feel ill. I have a constant dull headache, post-nasal drip and problems with my left ear. All of these symptoms must be related, surely?! I've been trying a sinus rinse for the past few days, which doesnt seem to have helped, and also steaming with menthol crystals.

I have an appointment with another doctor on Thursday, but i'm just scared they won't know what's wrong with me. All the doctors i have spoken to don't seem to care or just tell me "there's nothing wrong with you, get your eyes tested" - and last week when the doctor just gave me an over-the-phone medical and wouldnt prescribe me antibiotics even though I had tonsillitis...

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  • hi there, do you notice any particular color to the nasal discharge? The popping and cracking in your ear could definitely indicate an issue with your sinuses and ears as the eustacian tube could be blocked. My thoughts are the following: - note the color and presentation of your nasal discharge i.e: clear, stringy or yellow, sticky- note the duration of the symptoms and if it's getting better - disregard the blurred vision, doctors will always go for what they can easily explain or pawn off on someone else. Pressure in the ears or sinuses can cause this anyway. - Ask for/demand a CT of your sinuses to r/o any mucus retention cysts or polyps impeding drainage - Ask for a nasal spray like flonase to try out- Also see if you might be tested for allergens such as dust, dander, and so onYou may have chronic sinusitis or you may simply have allergies but try out the above and see what happens. Good luck!- Dae
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    • October 28, 2010
    • 04:35 PM
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