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dry mouth, fatuige and joint pain for 9 months!Please somone give feed back PLEASE!!

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  • Posted By: chevyy1212
  • June 6, 2007
  • 00:30 AM

Im so sorry this is long but someone please read this and give me a clue in the world what is wrong with me.

It all strated in august of last year, it started with the feeling of a fever but never showed one. Then it turned into fatuige , dry mouth, nasuea, diarrea, swollen lymph nodes and horrible head aches. I also get bad joint pain for the first time and a good amount of leg cramps.

My thought is it has to be some how airborn, or a contact sickness or somthing along those lines because my friend started to feel the same way at the same time and we both still do but no one else I come close to is sick just my friend and I. We do some plumbing jobs together which makes me think mold or a fungi and all the blood work for my doctor came back normal for viral and bacteria but i dont know how in depth those tests are. Then after about a month it all seemed to go away except for the feeling of being hot which lasted about 4 or 5 months with little episodes of all of them flareing up for a week or two. Then it seems I woke up one morning and was fine. Feeling fine lasted about a month then it all came back agian everything except for the dry mouth. It still is comeing and going. About 4 months ago my skin burned like it was on fire for months and nothing at all helped that.

I ended up getting eggsama and ringworm for the first time also in the middle of all this and i did nothing at all different and no one i know had ringworm either. Please somone point me in some direction could it be mold or a tick. Im 22 and trying to got back to school but this keeps holding me back from moving my life forward. Please

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  • Hello:You sound like me all over again. Classic symptoms for celiac. Look it up. Ask your doctor for a blood test. mine was positive. it was the answer to my prayers. Good luck. Let me know how you make out. I was sick for 2 years.
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  • Also classic symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which coincidentally is linked many times to Celiac disease. Many CFS patients often have accompanying Celiac. Researchers have defintely found a connection. It has to do with the onset of allergies to wheat and gluten.CFS also contains symptoms such as fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea,swollen lymph nodes, headaches,joint pain, leg cramps, feeling hot(facial and upper body flushing), burning sensations and excema and ringworm. Also a friend having symptoms?
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  • Thank you so much for your reply. I just have one question. Ive been reading up on this. But i cant seem to find if its somthing that is somwhat contagious. Just because my friend and have had all the same symptoms for the same amount of time. Thank you again. It was great to hear somthing
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  • I have the exact same symptoms, less drymouth, more fever without heat, fatigue every evening, and frequent diarrhea. it is frightening! its like you are sick but also not in any way that has happened before. it hit me a month ago and hasn't stopped, though it fluctuates. my friend may also have it too, which is really bizarre.
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  • Wow that is wierd that your friend may have it too. And I know exactly what your saying how you are but arent sick. Cuz you will feel great one minute and next thing you know it hits you. But 9 months of this is horrible
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  • celiac's is not contagious, yet more common than realized. In Europe, they screen their children, in the US, doctor's think it's rare. I just figured you are not on any med's, right? Antidepressants, nothing? Usually with Celiac Disease the testing often is NOT an easy dx. Try not eating gluten (believe me it's not too easy) but just experimentally for a couple weeks to see if the symptoms subside. That's what i did, it was hard. i ommitted, wheat, rye, barley, oats, go to the celiac sites. They will explain the diet. I tried it and was better in a week. I also lost a few lbs. it's healthy and i felt better. it can't hurt.
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  • Yea im not on any meds. I dont have any health insurance working on it tho. And im trying to stay away from the things those websites say for that celiac . And it isnt easy but im willing to try anything
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  • Celiac is not contagious, neither is chronic fatigue syndrome but families and friends are being diagnosed simultaneously. Strange but trueHave any of your doctors considered it or ruled it out?
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  • No. But does this sound like it could be mono.??? The only thing i didnt have was soar throat
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  • Just curious, something similiar has ben going around in my area, and it does seem contagious, and not seasonal. I've been sick for over a year...in all seasons! The symptoms go up and down. This is a new illness, has to be. Where do you live?
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  • Chicago area
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  • Have you looked into Sjogrens Syndrome? If not you should...
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  • See the thing is im tryin to look into things that are kinda contagious i guess... Just cuz me and my friend started gettin sick about the same time and its been lasting just as long for both of us. Oh and i live around chicago if that may be the area
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  • ive been having the same joint pain and feeling of fever but never showing and ends really fast lasts like 5 minutes...doctor told me the joint pain was becus i stopped exercising so he told me to start again and it went awaya so maybe that could help u
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  • Ok.. sorry, I guess I didn't read your post well enough. Were you and your friend in contact with any type of soil at the time? The fungus that caused ringworm lives in soil. With that said, ringworm is very very contagious, so that could just be a one time thing. What were you up to that week before you got sick? Were you in the city the whole time? Were you working on any bad bathrooms?
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  • I wish i could remember what I was doing that week it was a long time ago. But I know we were around both soil and dirty bathrooms. But since we both got sick within the same week I know that will help narrow it down.. It cant be mono. I tested negative for mono but that was 5 months after the first symptoms. And i didnt have sore throat..
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  • I doubt it is Mono, even tho some people who get Mono never know they had it, most people get real sick. One of the two of you would have been real sick. Mono makes you so so tired and so so sick to your stomach. And as if that wasn't enough it makes your whole body ache worse then any flu you ever had. Since there are 2 of you, I was thinking more of some kind of fungus. Mold from soil or even bathrooms usually give allergy symptoms or astma symptoms. Then some people have symptoms like fatigue and dizziness.I would recommend you seeing a immunologist. An immunologist can run antibody tests to see it you react to mold. If you have been exposed to old bathrooms with mold over a period of time, this could be the cause. When you're exposed to large amounts continually over a long period of time, your immune system becomes hyper and goes haywire. Good Luck!
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  • exposure to some chemical?
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  • Lyme disease. Get more info at www.canlyme.comThere is lots of misinformation out there - make sure you get good info.
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  • Oh we both were real real real sick. It was absolutly horrible for about 4 weeks for the both of us. Then I held a small fever for about 4 or 5 months. He didnt but through this whole time we both get small episodes of it again. Never as bad as the first time tho. And now he seems to be over it but im not. A couple months back he got a fever of 104 and never felt it since so we figure it burned whatever it was off. And were actualy not around much chemicals. But fungus and mold was one of my wonders too. The first 4 weeks I could barely stand at work it was so bad. And pretty bad joint pain. Oh and ive been really tired all day for about 7 outta my 9 month illness. I wish this would just be mono. Just so I have sum closer. Does anyone have any clue if this will ever end. If you dont count smoking ive always been soooo healthy. And once agian thank you all. Im sick now again and this forum and all your input is the only thing I look forward to in the day
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