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  • Posted By: cam434
  • July 29, 2010
  • 10:00 AM

I have an excellent doctor, but I am having trouble getting an accurate diagonsis, so I thought I would give this site a shot for some ideas.


1. Chronic Fatigue - have been like this most of my life. It's difficult to explain the fatigue, as it's not like being "tired" after a hard workout. It's more like the crash you feel after consuming far too much caffeine. For those of you who know what that feels like (that crash, the fatigue involved) imagine that feeling practically 24/7.

2. Short Term Memory Loss - having difficulty remembering what someone told you even a few seconds after they tell you. "My birthday is such and such" - then a few seconds later - not being able to tell them when their birthday is."

3. Difficulty Concentrating when Reading - this is chronic, but it does happen rather frequently. In college I would have read and re-read the chapters two or three times in order to remember the information.

4. Hair Loss - Started losing my hair about six or seven years ago. Just on the top of my head, every where else is fine.

5. Chronic Constipation - This seems to come and go, but it's pretty frequent (more than twice a week).

6. Dizziness - I'm not sure how often this happens, because I don't keep track, but it seems at least twice a month I get extremely dizzy when I stand - almost to the point I feel as though I'm going to pass out.

7. Difficulty Losing Weight - I run daily (averaging five miles per run), workout with P90X and traditional weights and I have a very difficult time in losing all the weight I want. I realize that my diet (which isn't perfect) and age are certainly factors. But, even when I restrict my caloric intake to less than 2000 calories per day, the "spare tire" doesn't budge. For as much and as intensly as I work out I should have little body fat.

8. Hearing Shift - Once in a great while I will get a constant tone ringing in my ear. This is rare, but it does happen - it's always happened (for as long as I can remember).

9. Floating Spots Before My Eyes - This doesn't happen as much as it used to, but as with the hearing shift - once in a great while (less than twice a year) I'll see "floating spots." It used to happen more often.

10. Anxiety - I find myself being overly concerned and worried about things that one ought not fret over. Finding myself distracted and making poor desicions based off this anxiety.

My blood word indicates that my RBC count is fine, my iron levels are fine and my thyroid is in working order.

I've just started taking B12 suppliments so I'll see how that goes.

Are these symptoms releated? If so what do you think it might be? Having been in the military I have thought about the possibility of lyme disease, but that doesn't seem to fit. It is quite possible I have been bitten by a tick some years ago and never developed the rash.

I'm at a loss and my doctor doesn't seem to have any ideas either.

I thought about sleep apnea, but that wouldn't cause hair loss or constipation or most of the other symptoms - would it?

Any advice would be appretiated!

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