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Dr. treats me like I'm crazy!

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  • Posted By: Tabaitha Brown
  • March 22, 2007
  • 01:23 AM

My illness started in 2002.I had pain on the sides of my heels and pain with deep breathing .It never went away.I could not lay on my back and breathe because it hurt too bad.Then the pain went into my right hand ,shoulder, and elbow.My muscles felt like they were always pulled.The Dr. said I had Fibromyalgia.He put me on anti-depressants that didn't help.So I just decided this is something I'll just have to live with.But now my legs are going numb and I can't walk.So is my right hand and my face.My body will start to tremble.After 3 weeks practically in bed my legs seem to be working again.The only thing that makes my pain go away is steroids.Would steroids make Fibromyalgia pain go away? Of course as soon as I am off the steroids the pain comes back.The doctors just say I am depressed and won't help me ,exspecailly since I am self pay.I am only 29 and I wish some one would help me because i am afraid i am going to end up in a wheel chair.I was just now able to get some test done.My ANA test came back neg. and so did Rheumatoid Factor and Lymes.My MRI is normal. My blood shows some inflamation but my test before didn't show it.So the Dr. pretty much thinks I am crazy,because if I was really sick it would show on a test, Right? WHY WON'T MY BODY SHOW WHAT I FEEL???????

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  • Thank you for your reply. It is good to know other people have felt the same way ,AND I AM NOT CRAZY!!!!!:rolleyes:
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  • That is a very good sugestion about tha possibility of systemic Lupus That is what i think it might be ,but my ANA blood test showed neg.,so the Dr. said i didn't have it. But someone else on this thread said she knew some one who just died of Lupus and she never tested positive.So how do you convince a Dr. you have lupus with a neg. ANA?I've had the Pleurisy for five years and other "typical" symptoms of Lupus.Another interesting thing is steriods help me alot with my symptoms and I was reading on a Fibromyalgia site and it said that steriods didn't help with Fibro. pain ,but steroids is the number one med they use for lUPUS .Well my Question is ...if this is Fibro. ,then why do steroids help me so much.And to make matters worse they won't give me steroids much because they are too dangerous and they won't give me pain med. because they don't want me to get addicted.So you are left to just suffer.The only option they give me is anti-depressants so i that way you won't cry while you feel the pain.One lady said on a fibro thread who couldn't get the Dr. to prescribe pain med. to her said"What is He afraid I'll get addicted to ...Living pain free":cool:
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