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dont have a clue whats goin on

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  • Posted By: shadowfox
  • January 3, 2007
  • 01:04 AM

Help please,

4months diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (i smoke stupid me) thats not the real problem i get chills like all the time. I mean that I cant really tell what the temperature is unless extremes(i.e standing in the sun or next to open fridge) I have had my thyroid tested and came back o.k.My temp varies from 96.5-98.6 and CBC was normal. The ent thought these chills were kinda odd. The weird thing is that they got worse as I took various antibiotics. Ive been on amox,biaxin,levaquin,avelox and cipro. Ive also noticed my tongue is always white,furry and noticed weird rectal itching right before and after bowel movement. Also, have been constipated during all anitbiotics kinda weird??? .I also got prostatis during all this(dont know how with all the biotics). If anybody has suggestions let me know ill try anything at this point I really dont have a clue whats going on


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  • Oh boy I cannot believe how many people on this site who have Candida Symptoms! With your history of antibiotic use you have Candida overload. This is very common as antibiotics disrupt the natural flora in your gut and cause candida to proliferate. This is most likely the cause of your sinusitis,thrush-like tongue, rectal/anal itching and constipation...I am not sure about the cold feeling, but that is a definite side effect to antibiotic use. Please go to the following websites: www.wholeapproach.com and www.candidasupport.org. They have lots of info on your condition. You need to do the following to get back in balance: 1. Kill the candida overgrowth - Threelac is a great product for this. Also try Wild Oregano oil and products with capricylic acid (sp?). Please DON'T go to the doctor and get diflucan or any other antifungal med - they are toxic. Expect 1-2 months to really kill the overgrowth, and it is most effective if you switch remedies after a month. 2. Build up your gut with beneficial flora by taking a good quality PROBIOTIC. A good one will have several different strains and you should expect to take this daily for long term maintenance of your symptoms. Candida is hard to get rid of - it is very tenacious. But with this approach you should see results pretty fast.I hope this is helpful and good luck!Doctor of Oriental Medicine
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    • January 3, 2007
    • 02:07 AM
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