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Don't think I have pleurisy

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 6, 2010
  • 07:45 PM

I was diagnosed with pleurisy 6 years ago. My current general doctor suspects that it is not pleurisy, because it has lasted 6 years and the classic "feels like sand in you lungs" does not apply to my symptoms, which feel more like someone is sitting on my chest.

I have had annoying to severe pain starting in my left shoulder down my arm and then into my lungs on and off for 6 years, usually lasting for a week or two an then going away for months. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest - not like sandpaper rubbing on my lungs (which is what pleurisy is supposed to feel like). Recently the pain has been more frequent and longer lasting. It shows up whenever - I can't find a link. I've had an awful time getting dr's to do anything for me.

I've had the following tests done within the last year...
*Chest scan - fine
*Stress test - better than normal
*Asthma test - I've had 2 w/i 5 days from each other. During the first test I was having "lung issues" and that test came back at 75% lung capacity. The second test 5 days later I was at 100% - but I was not having "lung issues" during the second test.
*Thyroid blood work.

I've seen the following dr's and specialist...
*3 general doctors in the last 6 years about this.
*emergency room
*ear nose and throat dr

I've have taken...
*indomethocine, which works, but makes me dizzy, so I can't take that at work.
*inhaler, that doesn't work at all.
*Advil - 600+ ml's works alright, but the pain is still there, just not as bad.
*steroidal drugs, which I won't take because I've had severe acne issues
*A heating pad works wonders, but is not always available - like at work.

Medical History...
*Renal Stenosis
*Asthma as a child
*High blood pressure when I was on birth control - fine now that I'm not.
*No smoking, social drinking only
*I am active and work out 4 days a week. I run, bike, do aerobics, strength training, and, Pilates, sometimes yoga.

Family Medical History...
*My father has had 2 heart attacks
*both mom and dad have high blood pressure
*My father had pluericy induced from boot camp in the air force.

Could this be related to my kidney issue (acid/base, metabolic/respiratory)??? A nurse suggested a spinal issue seeing as it starts in my shoulder and my occasional headaches start at the back of my head and move up, but my general dr does not think this is the case.

Anyone have a clue?

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