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does anybody know about this

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  • Posted By: fragile heart
  • July 14, 2008
  • 06:01 AM

my problem start with excessive sneezing and constant itchy feeling on hard palate of roof of mouth.i still have these problem but this was not that pushed me in to big trouble.after having these problem i started to feel fatigue constantly and later on i felt dizziness.one day i woke up with strange consiousness and feeling at midnight.i was very anxious ,i did not know at that time what was going on with me.then it became a usual feeling for me to feel dizzy and nervous.some body advise to visit psychiatry department,where doctors prescribed me fluxetine and alprazolam.flouxetine made my symptoms worst it distorted my perception.i still percieve world in different way as i used to percieve it.i mean my perception has been changed.it has passed four year since that incident.i have been on antidepressant and tranquilizer since then.but my condition getting worst now.i feel extreme fatigue,nervousness,brain fog,confusion,abdominal discomfort(bloating),some time paranoia like feeling.i have tested for thyroid and blood sugar.but i dont have either thyroid or blood sugar.one thing i forgot to mention that is i feel thirst frequently nad urinate frequently.my CTSCAN reveals no parenchymal abnormality.i am very confused .can any body solve my problem if any body here knows about this plz tell me.
thank you

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  • get an mri of your brain or a measure of your spinal fluid you may have a spinal fluid leak
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  • First of all whatever the problem may be don't be in the mood of depression it make you more worser than worse.Then about your problem you change the prescription now which you are pursuing and consult good doctors that's all i can say since im not not aware of the problem which you have hope you will recover soon.=============AditiAddiction Recovery HawaiiAddiction Recovery Hawaii
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  • Sounds like you had a bad case of hay fever and you got diagnosed mental instead of being sent to an allergist and getting on allergy shots. If you have a cat or sleep on a feather pillow it could be bad enough to exhaust you. Now, you have compounded your problems to the max by taking these toxic drugs that distort your reality and effect your body by actually causing physical problem. Tell your doctor you have side effects from the combination and get the referral to the allergist for your original problem that was never treated. You need to be checked for diabetes now, too. You know, it could have been something as simple as food additives, like in diet sodas or msg or something like that. Try reading labels and eating more organic food, but you will now have to address the med situation before you can come into balance. Try this new program that I just learned and see if it helps you. You will need to practice it correctly for it to work for you. http://www.gloriaarenson.com/learn_eft_emotional_freedom_technique.htmlhttp://www.emofree.com/http://www.emofree.com/LearnEFT.htm read the side effects:http://www.drugs.com/ppa/fluoxetine-hydrochloride.htmlTricyclic antidepressants Increased toxic effects of tricyclic antidepressant. Dosage of tricyclic antidepressants may need to be reduced and plasma concentrations may need to be monitored when fluoxetine is coadministered or has been recently discontinued.
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  • Insist on an MRI with contrast. Have them check specifically your pituitary gland.
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  • Dear Thread,Hi. First And Foremost I Am Heartly Sorry To Hear You Are Having Such Issues. I Can Relate.I Am Confused Though. You Seem To Have Symptoms That Could Be Related To Hypoglycemia (though You Had Sugar Checked) You Can Check It Yourself By Buying A Monitor And Strips And Needles From Drug Store (ask The Pharmcst For A Gluco-meter). On The Other Hand A Lot Sounds Like An Allergy Or Sensitivity To Either Food Or Chemical. As For The Moon Face And Abdominal Swelling. I Have The Same Thing. The Abdomen Swells So That I Look 9 Mths Pregnant. I Believed That Was Happening Due To Certain Foods. My Father Has The Same Thing. They Called It Ibs. Now I Just Recently Found Out That It Could Be Related To Angioedema (that Can Include The Face) I Myself Noticed That When I Am Stressed Or Bending Over Or Applying Pressure To My Face It Distorts. I Am Hidious. I Also Just Had A Bad Mamogram And They Had To Do A Biopsy On Calcifications. They Told Me That There Is A Rare Disorded Called Aquired Angioedema. Look Into It. I Don't Know What Is Worse - Not Knowing What Kind Of Monster You Are Dealing With Or Learning You Have The Dreaded 'c' Word.Watch Out For Processed Foods As They Can Be Making Your Symptoms Worse. Oils, High Fructose Corn Syrup And Gluten (also Get Checked By A Rheumatologist To Rule Out Any Autoimmune). One Can Bounce Between Hypo And Hyper Thyroidism Without Showing Anything In The T Levels. The Difficult Part With That Is Finding A Doctor Who Believes In It. Look For The Book 'thyroid For Dummies' It May Be Of Some Help.I Truly Wish You The Best Of Luck For It Is True - If We Do Not Have Our Health We Don't Have Anything!!!Take CareG
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  • If your always thirsty and peeing look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_insipidus as far as I understand you could become very anxious if you didn't drink enough water because there is none being stored in your body, so if you were to stop drinking water you could die of dehydration much faster than other people. Did you hit your head before the excessive thirst started?
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