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  • Posted By: Wantaclue
  • October 9, 2010
  • 11:40 AM

Hi there, I'm really hoping we might be able to get some answers, or at least a path to investigate. My father, myself and my twin sister all have the exact same problem, symptom for symptom. Our mother and half-brother (mum's son) don't have this problem. Doctors have been completely unable to diagnose our condition.

Our symptoms seem to point towards something blood sugar related. That is, food seems to be at the root of our problems. If we delay a meal for any period of time (half an hour late for lunch or dinner is enough), we start getting negative symptoms.

1) First, we'll just feel hungry. At this stage, we know we need to find something to eat real quick, as the next symptom can come on within half an hour (with the maximum being about 2 hours).

2) We'll get irritable. There is a very notable change in mood. Patience is virtually zero. When this symptom pops up, we know that the next symptoms will be popping up very shortly.

3) We'll start to feel weak. We have trouble lifting things, even standing will be a chore. This usually goes hand in hand with the next symptom.

4) We'll start to feel shakey. Our hands will quiver, sometimes quite noticably. Our heart seems fluttery.

5) Nausea and headaches start to set in.

6) We'll faint.

I'd understand these symptoms if we regularly starved ourselves, but we don't. My husband is a clinical dietitian and he can't understand our symptoms either. He's pointed out on a number of occassions that we *shouldn't* be feeling symptoms of hunger when we do, let alone the whole deal with the shakiness and fainting.

For example, I've been known to sit down to a big steak meal (garlic bread entree, eye fillet steak with potato and salad), stuff myself silly, be completely full by the end of the meal, but then start to feel the above symptoms only 1 and a half hours later. Then, on another day, I might have the exact same meal, and not get those symptoms for another 5 hours. It's not consistent.

We are certainly not normal with these symptoms. Sometimes a traffic jam can be the difference between me being perfectly fine, and me passing out. I've had to quit a job over this issue because they just couldn't give me a consistent lunch break (sometimes my lunch break would come at midday, other times it might not come until 2pm, by which point I'd be at the passing out stage).

What's more is that if I get to the stage where I am getting shakey (or beyong that), eating food rarely makes me feel completely better. I've tried all different types of meals, and yet I will still feel lousy (fatigued, irritable) for the rest of the day if I've let myself get to that point.

The doctors suspected diabetes (or pre-diabetes), but we are all fit and healthy, and all our testing came up negative. Our blood sugar levels are fine. Our thyroids are fine. The doctors say there's nothing wrong with us, and that this is just something we'll have to live with.

Does anyone have any ideas on what else might possibly cause these symptoms? We don't have anxiety issues, do any drugs, or take medication. We're all healthy and lead good lifestyles. So what on earth is wrong with us?


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  • Get in to see a gastroenterologist, they will run more thorough testing and have a better idea of what may be going on.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 10, 2010
    • 08:06 PM
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  • I thought I might add something. If no one has any ideas about what might be going on, are you able to suggest what kind of specialists and doctors specialise in this kind of thing? What department I should contact? I know the symptoms sound kind of mundane, but it's had a big impact on the way we live our lives (our lives are built around the timing of our meals). The fact that the doctors have given up looking for answers is incredibly frustrating.
    Wantaclue 4 Replies
    • October 11, 2010
    • 06:16 AM
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  • Get in to see a gastroenterologist, they will run more thorough testing and have a better idea of what may be going on. Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't know that gastroenterologists handled that sort of thing. I will try to get a referral.
    Wantaclue 4 Replies
    • October 11, 2010
    • 10:40 PM
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