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doctors have given up on me...HELP

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  • Posted By: blandin.bertot
  • March 5, 2011
  • 07:04 PM

I'm a 30 year-old man and I'm living a nightmare. I don't know precisely since when I actually got this problem but I do remember that it became a real handicap 3-4 years ago.

Here are the different symptoms:
My body is not balanced anymore
My body is twisted all over
My shonbones follow a valgus + rotation axis
When I walk, it feels like I don't have any strength on my left side, which forces me to lean on my right leg
I don't feel confortable when I seat, stand or lie down
My belly is constantly tensed and it's even difficult to take deap breaths
My pelvis shifts backwards, especially on the left side
My left shoulder always stays up and forwards
There's a kind of lump at the bottom of my left biceps
My left foot is misshapen (certainly because of the way I walk)
No ophtalomologist has been able to fix my eye trouble, I now have a problem of convergence which an orthoptist has been trying to treat, it gets actually better after each consultation but then it goes back to square one
My lower jaw tends to move backwards and on the right side
My teeth have become completely disorganised and therefore there is no appropriate contact between the lower and upper teeth
I suffer from a real proprioception problem: I feel disconnected from the real world

What I've been trying to do to solve my problems :
- I met many opthalmologists because I thought that my eyesight was the problem but there's never been any improvement
- Three years ago, my hips ached a lot so I went to see a surgeon who diagnosed a bone conflict and operated on my hips (by arthroscopy).
- My orthoptist realised all her efforts have been vain, she advised me to see a posturologist who made me some orthopaedic soles ; according to him, my shonbones axis was the problem
- I met 3 different posturologists : 2 think that the problem lies in my legs axis, 1 thinks that it's because of my jaws and teeth
- I met 3 maxillo-facial surgeons: the first thinks that wearing occlusal splints is the solution to get better, the second says that my palate needs to be moved forwards via a very heavy operation and the third wants me to have my internal ear tested (which I did and everything is fine)
- I've been wearing at least 10 different occlusal splints but none of them changed anything.

My conclusion:
I've been trying to understand what causes all my problems. Each specialist I meet tends to think that the cause is linked to his medical field. Yet, I don't want to have any other operation especially if it proves to be useless (as it did with my hips operation).
Orthopaedic soles, occlusal splints and osteopathy sessions make my condition better at first but then, after a few hours/days, all my problems are back.

I remember 3 events that might have caused the problems I have today.
1. Five or six years ago, I hit my left ear on the corner of a door. A few days later, a little pocket full of liquid appeared in the top part of my ear. At the time, doctors extracted the liquid which, after examination, was not infectious.
2. About 4 years ago, I had a surreal experience in the office of a dental surgeon who was supposed to remove my wisdom teeth. I don't remember if my problems had already started at that time but my lower teeth were moving forward and I was told that was because my wisdom teeth were pushing them forward. This very simple operation turned into a real nightmare. It took him a very long time to remove the first tooth. For the second one, he lost his temper, he kept hammering at my tooth but then he stopped and gave up. I was pretty sure he had damaged my gum and, worse, a nerve. When I asked him, he acted very strangely. I went to see another dental surgeon who removed the 3 remaining teeth without any problem. He checked what the other doctor had done and said there was no serious damage.
3. When I was 15 or 16 (so about 15 years ago), I had a testicle twisting. As a result, my left testicle was fixed still. I read one of your articles on the web in which you say that there's a link between the testicles and the boday balance. A litlle anecdote : when I was 18, I remember that when I went ice-skating, my pressure points felt unusual and definitely different than when I was 14. A few weeks ago, I tried to lift my left testicule and then to move it on the right side. When it's maintained on the left, I feel my body is relaxed. I went to see a urologist who said he can't see any connection between my testicle and my body balance. Yet, one of my problems disappeared during my last session with the orthoptist. I maintained my left testicle as mentioned before and my orthoptist was surprised to notice I was able to do some eye exercises I could not ever do before.
I made some research on the web : there is an acupuncturist who draws a connection between body balance and the testicles.
"Men's balance is partially dependant on their testicles, since this is the lowest organ. The removal of a testicle can create structural problems resulting in back and then shoulder pain".

Today, I'm sure that all my problems are somehow linked to my left testicle. No doctor seems able to help me. If you share some symptoms or if you think you can help me, please feel free to post a message.

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