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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2008
  • 05:54 PM

About 18 months ago, i started to get what i thought was just bad IBS, but then it got worse and to the point where i couldnt put anything in my mouth without getting diarrhea and feeling nauseas. It only got worse and naturally doctors told me there was nothing wrong. I was told i was depressed and stressed and one even told me i just needed to lose weight (i weigh 60kg i dont think i'm huge at all)
the diarrhea hasnt stopped and i've had a coplonoscopy, a gastoscopy and swallowed a capsule camera, eventually they told me i was gluten intolerant and when that made no difference they told me i was lactose intolerant.
I also get sort of attacks where my whole stomach and diaphragm goes into spast and i vomite and can't move for about 30mins. The gastrtoenterologist just keeps prescribing Codein Phosphate to me which makes me incredibly uncomfortable and constanly constipated since all the diets i've been on haven't worked. This really isnt a nice way to live for the rest ofmy life snce i'm only 19, has anyone got any suggestions?

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  • eventually they told me i was gluten intolerant and when that made no difference they told me i was lactose intolerant. im curious about if they told you that without the tests to back that diagnoses up? There are tests for both of those things!! My own doctors have told me that there isnt an actual test to test for lactose intollerance.. but i know there is as my nanna had that test done at hospital. (they gave her lactose.. syrup? and observed her bodies reaction to it.. she ended up real sick, so sick she couldnt even drive home). im still trying to get a doctor where i live.. to find out about that test and do it on me. Insist on tests and try not to just allow doctors to go assuming things. Maybe think about finding a more efficient doctor if they are giving out diagnoses without backing it up with evidence............... I have IBS and my gastro specialist has got me taking probotics and fibre supplements. I also avoid foods i know which trigger it in my case (spicy foods etc). I now have my IBS in control (except during certain times of the month when my hormones affect it). I cant say thou if you have IBS thou or something else but if you have IBS you should be on probotics and fibre supplements (i was told that just doesnt help with constipation but also helps bulk one up to avoid less attacks of diarhearra).
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  • I agree on probiotics and fiber supplement. Have they checked Helicibacter pylori? Good luck with everything, I hope you soon get well.
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  • hiyaI agree with Felsen try a test for h.pylori your gp can do that.i had a similar problem it turned out to be over acid secretion. how about suggesting to them thay start you on lanzoprazole or omeprazole ? try getting the food allergy testing that may help also. All the best!
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  • Have you been tested for celiac disease?
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  • Have u heard of colitis? My aunt has it, it's an autoimmune disease charecterized by constant diarrhea.. actually 22 yrs of it for her! I would look into that.. Good luck!
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  • Celiac is the same thing as gluten intolerance, BTW. Did you totally stop eating gluten? Did you have help or counseling in doing this? I ask because even toothpaste, mouthwash, and lipstick can have trace amounts of gluten in them that will set off problems.
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  • I can so relate to your problem. I have had a pain in my upper right quadrant for over five years that has been progressively gotten worse. My non-functioning gall bladder was removed and that did not help one bit. It gets very bad right after eating and often have to lie down until it subsides. For years the doctors kept diagnosing it as IBS but none of the IBS diets ever helped it at all. I have had a colonscopy, EGD, CAT scans, ultrasounds, etc. We recently relocated to Kansas and I have a new gastro doc. He wanted to try another EGD which showed nothing. My husband was very stern with him though and said it HAS to be something. The doctor said he would do research and see what he could come up with. He then sent me for a special CATA scan and a doplar ultrasound where they found I have a 60-70% blockage in my superior mesentery artery for which I have to have angioplasty. This blockage can actually be fatal from what I have read. The doctor said he cannot guarantee it will fix the pain completely as I also have adhesions they are blaming some of the pain on but at least I know it was NOT IBS. I feel IBS is a catch all that they put on problems they cannot figure out. The one symptom I did not have, though, was the weight loss as most people are afraid to eat because the pain gets so bad. I had joked that it is because I have such a high pain tolerance and love food too much. The doctor actually agreed that is a very real possibility! I am scheduled for the procedure on June 23rd and will post as to the final conclusion but wanted to let people know they have to be firm about finding a true diagnosis.
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  • Have they done a full stool exam to rule out parasites, candida, and clostridium dificile infection? If not, then they should. I agree to rule out H. Pylori bacteria... as well as clostridium difficile - this can cause severe colitis and is usually caused by a course of antibiotics ( it can take up to six weeks to develop symptoms, and often people forget they took antibiotics and don't connect the two) I would get a HIDA scan to rule out gallbladder issues. Fresh ginger tea is good for nausea. A probiotic is a must for IBS or diarrhea/constipation symptoms. Also consider a digestive enzyme to aid in your digestion. Best wishesDOM
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