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Doctors don't believe me

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  • Posted By: helpmelive
  • August 28, 2011
  • 01:35 AM

I have chronic symptoms for which I've seen several doctors. Most do not believe or tell me to give it some time. Perhaps you someone here can help me with these symtoms.

Beginning Memorial Day weekend (end of may 2009), I began having these chronic symptoms.

Im a 40+, white male, 6'3", 180 pounds then (2.25 years ago), but weigh 210 now.

Severe Heart burn and acid reflux.
Severe bloating (feels like a balloon inflating in my stomach).
Often high and Spiking blood pressure (occasionally has high as 250/150).

Blood pressure averages 150/90 but can go higher as symptoms get worse
Before that memorial weekend, blood pressure was average 130/80.

High heart rate at rest (90 to 135 bpm).
Lump in my throat, sometimes difficulty swallowing.
Drymouth, foamy saliva.
Shortness of breath, out of breath.
Severe muscle cramps occasionally while under exertion. They occur in my legs, arms, and shoulders. So much so that I can't stand or walk when occurring in my legs.
Symptoms that pre-exist these that have gotten worse are as follows:

Often sleepless
Waking with uncontrollable trembling (not a panic attack, or at least I don't feel panicked.)
Sleep and day apnea... yes, DAY apnea. I stop breathing and catch my breath.
Vivid Hallucinations when waking at night. I wonder if these are related to the TOPROL XL. While fully awake, I see vivid shadows moving, holes in the walls or ceilings, tiny lights coming from the ceiling, large bugs or spiders. I wake my wife, unpanicked and I'm fully aware I'm hallucinating, and describe these visuals. These are rare, but have occurred about 8-10 times.

Doctor List:

Of the 2 cardiologist(s), one gave me Tropol XL for tachycardia and mild arrhythmia.
Of the 2 GI doctors, one performed an upper GI, the other performed a CAT scan and prescribed me a lifetime supply of NEXIUM telling me that stomach acid is over-rated and not needed. I now take Ranitidine over the counter. My own research has determined that the rantadine could be causing a potassium deficiency which cause the cramping. So I eat more beans and bananas which cause more acid for which I must take more antacid. See the circle? Was labbed by both doctors for GERARDIA (testing samples and stoole) plus other labs. Nothing positive found. Both also checked me for HIATAL HERNIA which was negative.
Naturalpath-type doctor lab'd me for Grain and Yeast allergy. BINGO. Highly allergic to yeast and mildly to wheat. However, eliminating those haven't mitigated symtoms. This doctor suggested the food allergy may be resulting in stress increasing blood presure. Prescribed me $800 of vitamins and herbs which I quit after 3 months since there was no improvement. Also did a medical drink-fast (prescribed protein mix): the first 2 week fast saw improvement. The second 2 week fast 1 month later showed no improvement.
Primary Doctor lab'd blood and urine for 100 food allergies. Confirmed the following: dairy, wheat, yeast, garlic was borderline. tested for girardia and treated me for yeast infections. No improvement.

These conditions (extreme bloating and high BP) have sent me to the ER 5 times in the past 2 years.

I want to live but sometimes It seems like I'm about to die the symptoms are so extreme. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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