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Doctors cannot diagnose my problem...help please!!!

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  • Posted By: ritesh
  • June 30, 2009
  • 03:42 PM

Hi guys

i am a 17 year old boy and i have been having a few problems over the last 2 months...i have had blood tests, a chest x ray, sinus x ray and brain mri and doctors cant diagnose my problem

my symptoms are

1. loss of appetite
2. i am very weak
3. i am tired all day
4. have spasms in both my knees, thighs
5. severe headaches-GP prescribed co-dydramol but it does not work
6. loss of 7 kg
7. feel dizzy and fell over twice but no blackouts
8. sensitive to flash lights and loud noise
9. constipated
10. urinate more frequently at night (urine is always dark yellow)
11. Pain around chest area and left nipple (lasts for 30-40 seconds)
12. had diahorrea for a week
13. wake up tired
14. have lot of cramp in my toes and fingers

consultant is running more tests and i am still not eating.

Just wandering if anybody has any suggestions please. Thanks

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8 Replies:

  • How is your Blood Pressure?And is there any rashes or other skin issues that are new on your body?
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  • hi my blood pressure is 99/70 and i have not had any major skin issues thus far although i have had more spots on my face
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  • I have done some looking up stuff for my own self and ran across something called polyarteritis nodosa. But you do not meet the criteria. Good luck. And hope you feel better!
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  • my symptoms are 1. loss of appetiteAre you depressed? Stressed out? What's going on inside your head? Did you loose your appetite suddenly or over time? How much do you actually eat and drink? 2. i am very weak Not eating will make you weak. Think of food like fuel for a car-- if you don't have enough or don't have a rich, balanced blend your car won't run. Same is true if you are not eating properly; food is your body's fuel. 3. i am tired all day Again, not eating a sufficient diet causes you to be tired. You need food for energy. 4. have spasms in both my knees, thighs Please be more specific here. Are they noticeable twitches or do you feel these spasms deep down on the inside? Can you see the spasm? Do they hurt? Please note that for your muscles to function properly, you need nutrients. Muscle spasms can be caused by dehydration, particularly when the dehydration is severe enough that the calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium levels are effected. An improper balance of these can cause the muscle to not respond, react or recover appropriately, thus causing spasm. This is both a muscular and a nervous system issue. Again, diet and hydration are key to healthy muscle function. 5. severe headaches-GP prescribed co-dydramol but it does not work Please describe the headaches more specifically (i.e. left-sided sharp pain, dull ache all over, tight band-like feeling on the top, etc.). Is there any pattern as to when you get the headaches? Did these begin before or after the loss of appetite? Again, are you stressed out about something? Did your doctor diagnose migraines or tension headaches? Inadequate hydration is a key factor in headaches. 6. loss of 7 kg Not eating will obviously make you loose weight-- but not in a good way. You loose both water-weight and muscle by not eating. 7. feel dizzy and fell over twice but no blackouts If your body is not receiving adequate nutrition, it's really common to feel dizzy and even fall over when your blood sugars swing wildly. I believe this symptom is yet again due to your nutrition. 8. sensitive to flash lights and loud noise Side effect of headaches called photophobia and phonophobia (even hyperacusis) respectively. Leads me to think your headaches are migraines. 9. constipatedHow can you expect to poop if you are not eating properly? What goes in, comes out. If nothing (or little) is going in, not much will come out either. Lack of water will also cause constipation. 10. urinate more frequently at night (urine is always dark yellow)The color of your urine suggests it is concentrated. As in, you are dehydrated. You really need to at least drink more water. You may be urinating more frequently at night because your body needs the whole day's worth of nutrients and water (not much, from what you say) to use and produce the waste product urine. Again, this all goes back to your diet. 11. Pain around chest area and left nipple (lasts for 30-40 seconds)Please describe more specifically? What type of pain is it and how often do you get this? Again, muscle and nerve signals cannot do what they are supposed to if they do not have the proper nutrients or are dehydrated. 12. had diahorrea for a week Your eating habits sound erratic at best. It's not uncommon to have even week-long bouts of diarrhea (sometimes alternating with constipation) when the diet is off. Also, having diarrhea for such an extended period of time will further dehydrate you. Did this occur after eating fiber-rich foods? For your body to be regular in the bowel-movement department, your diet must be regular as well. Stress can also cause diarrhea. 13. wake up tired Do you snore? Do you grind your teeth or move your legs in your sleep? Are you stressed out? Nutrition and mental balance play heavy roles in the quality of sleep one gets. If you don't have adequate food, you don't have adequate energy even directly after sleeping. Your body is not designed to go without food and/or water. 14. have lot of cramp in my toes and fingers See above responses for muscle/tendon issues.So, to sum up-- you need to eat. Even if you do not feel like eating/are not hungry, you need to consume healthy foods and plenty of water. I feel like most of your problems are due to your diet. Why not try to suffer through eating even when you don't feel like it? I truly believe that if you re-balance your diet, many if not most of your symptoms will dissipate. As for what is causing your loss of appetite......the most common reason for that is stress or depression. These are very real physical issues that come about in response to external stressors. Please don't dismiss this as a possibility. I know from personal experience this happens-- it happened to me. And, once you have gone a certain amount of time (the length of time is different for everyone) without consuming enough food, the body begins to not expect it and therefore doesn't send the signal to the brain that you are hungry. It's a viscous cycle. I hope some of that helps. I'd love to hear what you think of my response, if it seems to apply to you and what you are going through. I'd like to help you if I can. I do wish you well. I know it's tough when you feel like your body is not working properly, but sometimes it's something we are doing or not doing that is the cause of the problem. The body is an incredible machine, but cannot function properly without getting it's needs met. Please eat!
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  • dsvvaddvsvds
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  • hi guys ....thanks so much for the replies.the headaches started first and then the dizziness... however i was eating fine at the time. I have not been under any stress lately and before the problems started i felt healthy and fit. the headaches were still present and then i suddenly stopped eating. My GP said they are not migraines or tension headaches ..headaches are mainly on the right side and its a throbbing pain but often, headache spreads to the back and to the left side but never the front of the head. I had my eyes tested and they were fine. As for the spasms, they do not hurt and they are not deep...they feel more like twitches. I get the chest pains once-twice everyday and they last fo about 40 seconds-1 minute. For the sleeping- i do not snore, i dont grind my teeth or move my legs. Consultant if testing me for TB (the test where they inject a part of my arm) even though my chest x ray was clear.
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  • Hey.... um if you still haven't found a diagnosis, maybe you can as your doctor about Lupus. You have most of the symptoms, but I might be wrong! Hope you find it soon!!
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  • Have your Vit D levels checked out
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