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Doctor says Vocal Cord Dysfunction, but it's not really my throat...

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  • Posted By: AmmieKatt
  • January 7, 2010
  • 06:26 AM

I'm a 16 year old girl that's athletic, does a martial arts where you spar with bamboo swords, and run everyday. I don't know if this is relevant- but a year ago I had neuroma surgery on my foot and have recovered nicely. Anyways... If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

About a month ago I found I couldn't breathe- couldn't take a deep breath without feeling filled. I was dizzy because of this, and my mom took me to an Urgent Care place. They gave me Chest Xrays, and when I was squished against the xray machine, I couldn't hold a deep breath for more than about 2-3 secs. They didn't tell us what was on the Xrays, my oxygen saturation was good, but when I took the Peak Flow test it was a little under. They gave me an inhaler and sent me on my way.

A week later I went to the doctor we normally go to, he said my throat was a little red and that we were going to try some sort of cold medicine. That didn't work, so he referred me over to an Asthma/Allergy specialist.

I can't breathe when I walk, sit, run, do my martial arts, anything really. Putting my arms above my head make it worse.

So yesterday I went to the specialist, oxygen saturation was 98%, gave me an allergy test, nothing I didn't already know, said it was VCD, and gave me some breathing exercises to help.

But, starting a week ago I haven't been able to sleep. At night, I'll be wide awake, and I'll be almost... Hallucinating? I see stuff with my eyes closed, I see it with my eyes open. I feel like I'm not here- out of my body, then suddenly I feel the opposite of that- as if I'm too far here (if that makes sense) the only way I can describe that is if I touch my face, I can't feel my fingers cause I feel far away, then suddenly I'll feel as if my fingers were going through me- as if they were too close. I can't breathe lying down, and last night I actually stopped breathing for a minute before gasping back and breathing again. Right now as I type this, I feel as if someone else is typing. My face will sometimes feel as if the nerves aren't working- I'll smile, but it feels as if half my face is working.

Sometimes I'll feel as if there's some sort of... nagging feeling... in the back of my brain... And it almost drives me crazy.

And also, sometimes I'll get random pain in my left upper ribcage, under my breast about 3 fingerwidths away from the bottom of the middle of the front. Today, however, I got a sudden sharp pain in my back left side. I don't know if it's my lungs, bone, or nerves, but it feels sharp like a bone... Then I was lying down earlier on my side when suddenly it felt like a pain coming from my left lung at the very bottom tip... And it was a different pain, still sharp, but it felt like an organ as opposed to bone.

I was reading about VCD and it said that people have "attacks". Mine aren't attacks. The symptoms are there all the time. That's what strikes me odd. The breathing exercises don't really help, but I do them anyways.

I've been aching and hurting in various places now- probably from the stress. I feel as if I'm loosing it. I've been having trouble multitasking-concentrating on anything, and I feel really sluggish at times.

If anyone can help me, or point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. Even if you do confirm that it sounds like it IS Vocal Cord Dysfunction, then it would help a lot. If you need any information, I'd be glad to give you more- sorry for the endless amount already there. Thanks for any information or help.

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