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doctor needed for vertigo in Virginia

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 27, 2008
  • 06:51 PM


My wife has suffered off and on most of her life with what appears to be benign positional vergito. Whenever she goes to the doctor, however, they just shrug and offer to prescribe Antivert. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Winchester, Virginia area that might be able to DO something?



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  • I don't kow of a doc, but you may want to look up POTS ( i can't remember exactly what it stands for) it is a form of tachychardia. My cousin was diagnoseda few months ago, and she had vertifo to the point she did not want to be in the house alone with the kids, drive, etc...Whenever she ate, she would get dizzy, her heart would race, etc... whenever she moved too quicly, the same thing would happen and they began to tell her it was anxiety... I hope this helps somewhat...
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  • I agree, it sounds as if she has POTS which is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. What happens is the heart races, the blood pressure drops drastically and often the person faints when standing up quickly. I was surpised to find all of these things out when I was seen for the same symptoms and now I see a cardiologist on a regular basis to monitor my meds and symptoms. It has helped drastically! If she has a low blood pressure, and a fast pulse when standing this may definitly be it. People with this Syndrome can not stand in place for more then a few minutes or they will faint, as she has probably learned the hard way.
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  • Hi, I googled ENT and your city and found this Dr.: http://www.wellness.com/dir/2474932/ent-otolaryngologist/va/winchester/robert-boucher-ear-nose--throat-consultants-md I found a # of ENT specialist, if this Dr. is one you're familiar with or have seen before, try the google search. That way you'll see what's available and who you've already seen or it might give you some new leads. Sure hope she gets so help soon, it's a nasty feeling to never feel like you've got your balance and it can and will cause your body to respond with panic, just like if you where falling. Good luck, Katb
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  • How old is your wife? If she is 35 -55 especially in the upper years, the dizziness may be symtpoms of menopause...yes it cause dizziness...very common and low hormones account for it. There is help if the cause is menopause and seeing a good GYN (preferable female who understands this time of life) would be best. Also check out www.power-surge.comwhich is a great noncommercial site for those of us in and around menopause..the amount of symptoms this time of life really are amazing and at that site women help each other. Joan
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  • Chiropractic is EXCELLENT for this problem. Ask colleaques for referrals. Also consider acupuncture - very helpful. www.acufinder.com for one in your area. Meds are not going to get to the cause of this disorder. Please try the above modalities i really think they will make a difference! Best wishesDOM
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  • Go to this website for POTS - it will have a list of docs that know about this condition. www.dinet.org
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  • I want to scream to the world! I want to thank you all who write in here. I don't know if you recently heard the hype on the tv about this UCC stuff, but it REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I went to a guy in Alexandria VA his name is Dr. Andrino D. Flevotomos. He explained how it all worked but all I cards about was getting better. I hope you all do the same.JR
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    • January 21, 2009
    • 03:58 PM
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  • Go to Dr. Michael Abidin. He's in Springfield VA. He's really good.
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