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Docters can't figure out what is wrong with me.

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  • Posted By: Shuddering Nova
  • October 16, 2012
  • 06:37 AM

I am an 18 year old girl and since last Christmas I got very ill.

To start I have not had much problems with my heath before then. Now when I really noticed something was wrong was when I woke up gagging and had extreme pain across my neck. I have had nightmares since I can remember and they are always painful, but this day wasn't the same. After that I didn't feel right. I felt like vomiting and I couldn't eat. I was getting weaker and weaker vomiting up nothing. I would violently shake if I moved too much and I no longer could even pull myself up from the couch. I couldn't keep anything down. My parents only brought me to the ER after I almost fainted from the pain when they were trying to feed me.

The doctors stabilized me and after a few tests they came up with the possibility I had depression and gave my parents anti-depression pills with nausea pills. I didn't have depression but my father made me take one of those pills when I started shaking in pain. It only made me feel worse. I lost the ability to stand again and was rushed to the ER. After a few more of eh same tests they were stumped. Again they gave me new pills and sent me home. After a week I was back in the ER. This time they gave me some powerful anti-acid pills and sent me home.

The new pills started to work on me at last. I could kind of start eating again. Now only weighing 110 pounds I had lost 16 pounds. It was very painful and a slow process to get myself to eat again. My stomach would always try and eject the food out. Now almost a year from that date I am still having problems and am not taking any pills. My right side of my abdomen will move and give out dull pain. I also get pain in the right side of my lower ribs. I get a strange sensation on the left side of my forehead like something is touching me, no pressure but like a gentle touch of a finger. I also can't seem to gain any weight back on no matter how much I eat. I als get a feeling of alot of gas or something in the left side of my

Alright now I went to a new doctor and she has given me pills for IBS because I can't fall asleep at night, and she has given me the same anti-acid pills as before. I have not taken these. Why? With the anti-acid pills my parents won’t let me take them since they are the pills from the first time that didn't work. With the IBS pills I really have to explain to her it's not the pain that keeps me up but my terrible nightmares. It sounds childish but I didn't tell her the first time because I always had these nightmares and I feel like she will not believe me when I teel her I have nightmares where I can feel alot of pain. If anyne knows what could be causing these painful nightmares I am all ears.

In all the tests they gave me I was normal in every one of them besides being dehydrated and malnourished..

Now a few questions. I might have IBS, I thought I did when I was at my worse, anyone else think this could be it? Also I am wondering why the doctors from before thought I had depression. I only told them I had no friends and that I was very shy.

Oh last thing. This all hit just out of the blue one day. Nothing was wrong until that one nightmare. Then it all went downhill. Not sure if IBS suddenly comes or not and so bad it makes what happened.

Thank you, I hope I get some help. I really need it before I go back to my doctor this month.

-I tried posting this once before so if it posted I am very sorry.

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