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Do I have another Autoimmune Disease???

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  • Posted By: goodwitch7
  • July 28, 2010
  • 09:19 PM

Long story LONG.... sorry.

Diagnosed with Graves' back in 2000, took Tapozole, an anti-thyroid drug, for way too long and was probably over medicated. Stopped taking it (on my own) back in October-ish cus something didn't seem right with how I felt although my TSH and T4 were within range plus I had a plethora of other out of range labs - very low vitamin D, strange RBC - all results of possible untreated hypothyroidism, etc...).

Confused, I joined a support group and posted my labs and it was suggested by many that I may more than likely be hypo and what I really needed was my Free T3 lab work done which I did and was within range (however low) and was advised that since it was low along with a boat load of hypo symptoms, I needed to find a more "with it" doctor....

So, I did all that, got the meds I need - Levothyroxine 50mcgs since beginning of May 2010 and am feeling better-ish...

HOWEVER, here is my concern…

I am still so tried and still have good/bad days which I suspect will happen from time to time, forever (autoimmune diseases, gotta love em.) I feel a lot better than before but am still pretty tired a lot of the time and every now and then, after a stressful event (whether it be emotional or physical), I've noticed that I come down with flu like symptoms – constant fatigue, fogginess, tenderness in areas in my neck, below the skull, around scapula, lower back and buttocks and also in front right below the knee... These are usually constant but with some days being better than others.

Back in October, once after a stressful situation, then another stressor in February and again now after having a root canal I've experienced what I thought was the flu. I developed the chills, fever, slight nausea, major body aches, migraine, but the body aches were unreal and mostly in my lower back, radiating down the back of my buttocks and legs (I know, I’m repeating my symptoms like a broken record). I felt like I couldn't find a comfortable position and tossed and trashed and had a feverish sweat – it was miserable, all during the night. Felt very much like a bad, bad, case of the flu. I also developed a sore throat with an occasional dry hack-type cough on all three occasions and also each time had an upset stomach (ie - the runs).

The first two times I thought for sure it was just the flu but today, I'm beginning to wonder since I rarely get sick with the flu and when I do, rarely more than once a year and if so, the symptoms are not exactly the same....

They are both autoimmune diseases so I'm wondering if I’ve developed it over the last year.... Does it sound like it, to anyone?

Wondering if anyone else with thyroid issues has or is experiencing any of these symptoms… Geez, I hope it’s just the flu. I also heard that Fibro is being looked at as a Neuropathy issue/disease or whatever….

Autoimmune disease runs rampant in my family – my mom is hypo and also has rhemathoid arthritis (I have a feeling she has Sjorgen’s, too), had scarlet fever when she was young, my brother, sister and myself all have Graves’, an aunt died of Chrones, have a distant uncle who had Graves…. List goes on and on.

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