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Dizzy with weird eyes?!

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  • Posted By: shelleylu
  • July 7, 2008
  • 09:14 AM

Funny sounding header I realise, Sorry!

I have been recently diagnosed with labrinthitis, which seems to be getting worse rather than better, and my GP is quite dismissive. I can deal qoth the labs, but I have recently started experiencing strange symtoms regarding my eyes. Late at night, usually when I am feeling tired and really dizzy, My pupils become really dilated. It has happened a few times now, and its quite worrying. They stay dilated all night until the morning. Last night, it started in the early evening and lasted till I woke this morning.

I am really only enquiring if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this, heard of this, or can help at all?!

Many thanks in advance, Shelley

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  • wow, that is strange...how old are you? I am asking becasue since I was about 45 or so (I'm 49 now) and started going through perimenopause, I have had some really weird things with my eyes....blurry on and off, hurt to look left and right...very dry....all tests normal ..... seems to have something to do with the hormones, I guess...Joan
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  • Hi Joan, Thanks for your post. I am 25, but have had some up and downs due to having the Mirena coil fitted and then removed 4 months later due to serious weight gain, and mood swings etc.. Maybe it is something to do with hormones then? It is very unnerving, as the pupils barely react to light, and even after falling alseep last night, I woke an hour later and they were still totally dilated. I cant seem to find anything on this site or the internet which links the labrinthitis, although I usually only get the pupil problem when i am having a very dizzy spell.
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  • I think I occasionally get the same thing. All of a sudden the room gets really bright when I am very dizzy and it's like I can see the light beams streaming from each bulb. I also feel like I can see almost all the way around my head and can see everything but cannot focus my vision on any one thing. If anyone walks by while I am feeling like this, they can always tell by looking at me that I am feeling dizzy so I wonder if it's my pupils dialating that makes me see that way?
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  • I had an ENG test done, which showed that I have significant inner ear damage. I haven't been diagnosed with anything (they say I may have had an inner ear virus, but I'm still dizzy a lot - especially when I lay down at night). When I was my sickest 2 yrs ago, my pupils were huge. They're still more dilated than they were before I got sick, and sometimes worse than others. I don't know what causes it, but I have the same thing.
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  • Wow sunflower, what a relief to hear Im not a complete loon!Its horrible having something wrong that nobody can explain, or even understands. I went back to my GP last night, and she gave me anti-sickness tablets, and I have an eye test tonight to rule out any problems there. Will post my resluts on here. Thanks for the replys everyone !
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