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Dizzy, Weak, Shakey, Hunger,Excess urination, Can't stay asleep for more than 2 hours

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 27, 2011
  • 07:06 AM

About 5 mon ago started having what felt like low blood sugar attacks. Doc said it was anxiety. Tried Xanax. Did nothing. Then I started getting a few dizzy spells. Low BS attacks became more frequent, and I began to feel weak, and just not right. I tried Zoloft and other anti anxiety meds. Symptoms remained. Fast forward to now. I am now almost always dizzy, hands tremble always, I am so weak that walking to the mailbox or doing dishes is difficult, I am woken up every night after two hours of falling asleep with the need to pee, I pee up to 12 times a day, haven't slept for more than 4 hours straight in 4 months, my stomach feels completely empty even after a large meal, I am a 27 yo male 5'8 and went from 163 lbs 5 mon ago to currently 189 lbs. This is due to eating every few hours and also in the middle of the night when I am woken up with what feels like low BS. My blood pressure also went from normal to currently 150/90. I felt weird while at the store the other day. Checked my pressure at the pharmacy. Was 191/100 with 120 pulse. So I am basically losing.my quality of life. I spend all day in bed 7 days a week. I am seeing my Doc on Friday. Are these too many questions to ask? She kind of rushes me, but I need help. I don't have any desire to live at this point. I am exhausted trying to keep my blood sugar up. I know it isn't anxiety. I just don't feel good and it's gotten worse.My questions for her:1. Is this a diabetic issue that an Endocrinologist can help with?2. Is my fatty liver/elevated alt (90) enzyme causing this?3. Can hepatitis cause all my symptoms?4. Why do I get dizzy shakey and hungry when my sugar is at 85 when waking up, but also at 130 two hrs after eating?5. Is something preventing me from metabolizing or absorbing food? (parasite?)6. Could my vitamin D level of 24 cause all of this even though I'm on 1,000 IU a day?7. Brain CAT scan was clear, do I need an MRI?8. What is the test for insulin resistant?9. Could my non calcified lung nodule cause this even though it hasnt changed in size since found?Thanks if anyone read this.

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