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dizzy weak infections not a tumor

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  • Posted By: dizzy lizzie
  • May 27, 2008
  • 08:39 PM

I have been suffereing episodic dizziness and generalized muscle weakness since the middle of January. I have also had a red rash on my chest. I've had extreme fatigue for weeks on end and then suddenly feel better. I occasionally slow down mentally. I feel like I am slurring and have trouble with small motor skills like buttons. Sometimes if I am very weak I sidle from side to side reaching a bit farther with my left leg than my right. I have stabbing headaches that feel like someone stuck a chefs knife in my head and left it there. It somes on suddenly and leaves just as suddenly. Nothing works to make it go away- not aspirin, not sinus tylenol, not headache medication, not NSAIDs. The location changes too but will repeat randomly. Sometimes in the back right, sometimes on the left top, sometimes over my left eye, sometimes along the "headband line" on the right side. I also get inching in my breasts and a dull pain on the right between my breast and my underarm. I have an annoying floater. I also seem to take a lot longer to heal injuries than usual. I sprained my thumb about 2 months ago and it still hurts. I have been gaining weight steadily in spite of eating well and being as active as possible.

I have had 2 major sinus infections this year. Several others the year before. I also had an episode in August where I got incrementally weaker and weaker but never developed other symptoms. I was treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics and it seemed to go away.

So far I have had 3 urinalyses, about 12 rounds of blood tests, a non-contrasting MRI of the brain and the cervical spine, a contrasting MRI of the brain, a sleep deprived EEG, a non-contrasting MRI of the lumbar and thoracic spine, ear and balance tests, eye exams, and an EKG. So far ruled out are: MS, RA, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, myositis, Lyme Disease, Hepatitis, Endometriosis, thyroid disease, vitamin deficiency, electrolyte imbalance, stress, psychological factors, tumors, schwannomas and Mono. The only abnormal test results have been: opacified right sinus(treated with antibiotics 2xs), uneven sinus sizes, 2 herniated discs in cervical spine C4-5 & C5-6 (treated with PT and better now), inner ear inflammation in left ear (take antihistamines when needed for dizziness), slightly raised Rheumatiod Factor (26), positive EBV (one strain only). The dentist told me over the weekend that I have "a touch of tonsillitis". All doctors are either baffled or vague. The vague ones tell me it's very complicated but nobody will temm me what they think might be wrong. I'd rather know what the possibilities are than be kept in the dark. Then at least I'll be prepared for the worst in case and will be relieved if it's something better.

Any ideas?

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  • Post your thryoid numbers please with the lab ranges. Female? Age? Trying to help! Joan
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  • just turned 35- femalethyroid stimulating hormone 1.46 Ref-range 0.38-5.50Other out of range blood tests are RBC 4.14L range 4.20-5.40CO2 20L range 22-30Anion Gap 20H range 7-16
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  • If we just look at the TSH is looks great...that is good news. HOWEVER when you had the test it was only a snap shot in time. You could have the autoimmune disease of the thyroid that can come in and out of remission (I am explaining this in a simple way for now)...and you can even have normal labs yet still have the autoimmune disease wich can be cause for intermitant fatigue and all the other symptoms. Ask your doctor to test you for the antibodies for the autoimmune diseases of the thryoid: Graves and Hashimotos....it is still a possibility. I suffered on and off for years with intermitant symptoms that finally turned out to be Graves....It may not be this, but it is only a simple blood test. SInce you are 35 I might now questions what is going on with your ovarian hormones. Surprisingly (at least it was for me when it happened) perimenopause can start to kick in with all kinds of strange and vague symtpoms from about mid thirties for some...for me it was about 38. Fluctuating ovarian hormone in perimenopause can cause all the symptoms you mentioned...in fact they tend to be unfortunatley similar to thyroid that is whey it is sometimes hard to tell without tests...even then with ovaries they fluctuate anyway during the cycle and it is hard to sometimes pinpoint a problem there.....so again it just may be best guess with that if nothing pans out....that was my case.....some ladies go on BCP just to even these fluctuations out and it helps some...my sister for example.... Have you had your ovarian hormons checked? Are you on BCP? Gaining weight can have relation to ovarian function.
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