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dizzy for 6 months

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  • Posted By: dizzy mom
  • December 3, 2009
  • 05:26 PM


I am trying to findout possible reasons that I have been dizzy for 6 months.

Here's the history: A few days before Father's Day this year, I began feeling momentary dizzyness, but was able to still drive and care for mysely as well as walk well. On Father's Day, I woke up feeling like the room was spinning. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. Also, my prescription medication had remained the same as it had been for months before. I finally went to the nearest ER (driving myself). Thne ride felt like a roller coaster ride. When I arrived at the ER, I was extremely dizzy and kind of stumbling, but still able to walk on my own. I had a CT and MRI that I was told was normal. They gave me a couple of doses of meclazine and sent me home with a "vertigo" diagnosis, meclazine and Valium.

I took them as prescribed and made an appointment with my regular doctor when I returned home. The meclazine was not working as well as the symptoms were getting rapidly worse. My Dr. told me that I needed rest and to de stress. I sent my kids to stay with my friend for a week for me to recover. During that time, I began to need help to walk, get down stairs, and could not drive at all. I blacked out several times on a short trip to the store with my husband.

By the 4th of July, I was still feeling very bad and could not drive or care much for my kids or self. I went back to the ER when I couldn't get a PCP appointment. They did EKGs and treated me for a migraine since I had an aversion to light and noise. When the symptoms seamed to get better,they discharged me to home with new medications and instructions to return if worse or unreasolve. The next day, I went back again very dizzy and starting to feel like blacking out. Theis time, i has a low B/P and pulse. They gave me a couple of doses of atropine and sent me home again with a patch and told me to stop all other meds. About 2 more days later, I came back to the ER feeling very dizzy and faint. Again they gave me an IV, took some blood, and discharged me stating it is just Vertigo.

A few days later, I went to the ENTand was informed that my ears are fine as well as my hearing was good in both ears. Next I went to the Neurologist (in downtown Germany). I had ultra sounds, eegs, orthostatic hypotension tests as well as visual tests over the next several weeks. Upon arriving at the Neurologist, I was needing support to walk, couldn't read, as well as having trouble watching TV at times. all of the tests came back showing "nothing Majorly wrong". and over the few weeks waiting for all the tests, I began slowly feeling better. Only the orthostatic B/P test showed a slight change but again nothing major.

After about 6 weeks I was feeling normal and began to be able to drive again. I was symptom free for aboiut a month or 2, but slowly began to feel symptoms again. I rushed to my PCP and was told not to worry and we tried Imitrex for migraine vertigo. It seemed to treat the mild dizzyness, but left me extremely tired and my neck hurting. Again I went to my primary care Dr.. They sent me to an opthomologist and I was told everything is fine with my eyes.

Finally, I went back yesterday, My Dr. found nystagmus horizontally upon exam. Now my head feels so dizzy and I couldn't stand to ride in the car with my family due to the movement. So, I am trying to find out any ideas as to point my Dr's. I have a Neuro/Opthomologist appointment at the end of next month.

I appreciate all ideas or thoughts on the subject as I need to get back to normal soon.

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